1. B

    How to dynamically add map tacks/pins using LUA?

    Hi, i'm new here. I was wondering if anyone here knows of a way to dynamically ADD map tacks/pins in a LUA script. Or if someone has some reference of how to do this. Say I'm trying to add a map tack to the plot on iX, iY, how one would do this? Is there a method? Thanks in advance :)
  2. K

    Can Lua be written differently?

    I've not been wanting to use lua since I came back to Civ 2 modding, I feel dizzy every time I look at it. Cause to take the Napoleon scenario, a lua event looks like this: -- Napoléon administrative bonus if == "Napoléon I" then local...
  3. J

    [GS] [Help] Combining UI Script and Gameplay script in lua

    Hi, I am working on something relatively simple: allowing a player to change his view to another player by pressing a specifc key. Using a gameplay script I can easily shift a specific player's view using: PlayerManager.SetLocalPlayerAndObserver(i) Using a UI script I can easily trigger a...
  4. J

    [lua] TerrainBuilder.SetTerrainType() map actualisation problem

    Hi, I am running a script during OnGameTurnStarted() using TerrainBuilder.SetTerrainType() to change some of the terrain around the player. The script change the terrain without any problem e.g. Grasslands becoming Plains except the 3D graphics are not updated (they are updated in the...
  5. T

    pls help lol

    I have an issue with my self-made WorldBuilder map I made. It was working as planned, then I decided to reuse the same map , but as a different civilization. Now, whenever I try and start up the game, this message appears. "There was an error staring the game We recommend disabling any mods...
  6. T

    [BNW] newbie to lua, what's wrong with this script?

    I'm using whoward's dll. I want to run an action when a great person is born, but it says "attempt to index local iUnit (a number value), isn't this the right way to ask? function TestGiveGPFaith(iPlayer, iUnit, iUnitType, iPlotX, iPlotY) print("unit spotted") if iUnit:IsGreatPerson()...
  7. Animorganimate

    What is your favorite standard or large map that's the most balanced yet fun?

    I know there's some older threads about favorite maps, but I figure there's new players and new opinions. So what's your favorite map and settings for a fun, balanced game against the A.I. I understand Communitas is supposed to be pretty balanced for Vox Populi, but I'm looking for otheer...
  8. S

    Map making tutorial

    Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but I couldn't find it. I'm just looking for help with how to make map scripts. A tutorial on creating randomized maps in python would be fantastic. If it helps in finding the right tutorial, what I want to create is a randomized map in the Caribbean...
  9. Gueux

    Is it possible to change Religion pressure with lua? [SOLVED]

    Couldn't find any function like "city:Getreligion():ChangePressure()" ... So if you know one who could help me, I would be grateful
  10. Scrum Lord

    Got Lakes (Various Worlds) Map Script 36.1

    Tired of playing the same old maps? Quench your thirst for exploration with the endless possibilities of this map script! Choose from 24 landmasses and dozens of other options, or go completely random and surprise yourself with millions of possible combinations! For more details on how this mod...
  11. Cybah

    [SDK] How to access python script data from SDK?

    I need to know how I can access script data from sdk, a get function would be enough. I need it for an interface modification. For python I'm using SdToolKitCustom.
  12. dutchfire

    Script for changing difficult level in WorldBuilder saves

    The current version can be found here: This script can be used to generate starting saves with various difficulty levels and settings, for, e.g., the Nobles' Club series.
  13. djkrose

    Meteor Survival 1.5

    Version: 1.2 Tested with Civilization VI Now also available on Steam Workshop: A meteor crater in the middle of an ice planet with just a small strip of habitable land for all civilizations to batte for. Map script...
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