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  1. MrBungler

    [BTS] Shadow Game: Monarch w/ Charlemagne

    Hi fanatics! Finally ready to improve at this wonderful game, and looking forward to learning from you. First shadow game, so let me know if I'm doing things wrong. I've been hooked on Civ since I first played the original with my cousin back in '92. Played all of them over the years, but keep...
  2. CGQ

    [BTS] Shadow Game Time!! Immortal Game To Further up my Game!

    Haven't done one of these in a while so I figured I might as well! I'll finish this one all the way to the end!
  3. CGQ

    [BTS] My Very First Deity Shadow Game Ever! It's finally time...(Re-Roll Edition)

    The time has come. Years of training have all but led up to this moment. Many games have been won, many games lost, and many games I just quit halfway through cuz I don't got no damn time. But long last, I will finally take on the hardest difficulty CIV IV has to offer! Deity!! Oh how...
  4. CGQ

    [BTS] New Isolated Immortal Shadow Game With Zara + Confusing Start

    It's that time again folks! This time with a start that has me absolutely stumped!
  5. placid_coolie

    [BTS] ✌ [COMPLETED T237/500 WIN] Monarch Shadow Game - Washington | Help a Noble/Prince Player Level Up

    hi, i'm one of those long time lurkers around this fantastic forum; been playing since 2020 (thanks to the pandemic) and very gung-ho on moving up the difficulty ladder. this game just grips you and makes you wanna get better. i know the core basics/mechanics, understands the importance of early...
  6. CGQ

    [BTS] Just another typical Isolated immortal shadow game with Wang Kon

    All this real world war and conflict got my civilization juices flowing again! :) I just rolled a Fractal map with random settings. No huts/events.
  7. Z

    My first Shadow Game (Immortal)

    [Edit: T0 save attached] Greetings! Short introduction: I am from Hungary and I have been playing Civ 4 basically since the original vanilla release. I had shorter and longer breaks but, from time to time, I return to this beautiful and time-consuming activity of playing this legedary game...
  8. CGQ

    [BTS] Immortal Shadow Game With Mehmed: Ready to take it to the next level!

    Been gone for quite a while but I've been lurking through this forum and I'm ready to have another go round on Immortal. Been playing my own games over the weeks and usually I do really well in the BC's and then I get DOW'ed. One game I stole a worker from AI, they wouldn't declare peace no...
  9. CGQ

    [BTS] My First Immortal Game with Hannibal

    I want to really learn and be challenged so I decided to finish my last emperor game (details in my previous thread) and start this one! Now I'm curious what I'm getting myself into. What's the difference between emperor and immortal? Is this where the AI gets a free worker at the start? Is it...
  10. CGQ

    [BTS] [Monarch Game] 1070 AD: What Should I do Next?

    I've been playing monarch difficulty games for the past couple months and lurking on here after doing a shadow game (I walked away for a bit from that game but I'll get back to it again). I had multiple victories, mostly space race victories around late 1800s to 1900s. My best victory was a...
  11. Akbarthegreat

    [BTS] Shadow game as Hannibal, first game on emperor

    So this will be my first game on emperor, which is why I decided to choose Hannibal - a fairly easy leader I think. (I was inclined to take Darius or Huayna, but I wanted more general advice, so avoided civs with powerful early UUs). Map is fractal, speed is epic, random events and huts are...
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