1. M

    [WTP] Quick questions

    I can't believe, I have the honors of having the very 1st thread in the MOD that will be a successor to RaR! Exciting!
  2. User0918

    How are slaves supposed to work in the latest revision?

    I played an earlier version of C2C a good while ago and back then slaves worked just fine. You incurred some noticeable drawbacks, but overall they were a valuable addition to your cities. I installed the latest revision and started a deity game on prehistoric, snail, longer...
  3. C

    Privateers, Pirates, and Buccaneers (Full Version)

    does anyone have the full working version of kailric's Privateers, Pirates and buccaneers Mod? I have been looking for either that or a good email for kailric.
  4. C

    port royal

    Does anyone still have the port royal mod for civ4 colonization? if so would love to have it. capt. jack
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