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    Where to find (JFD) Soviet Union XML?

    This question might be in the wrong section, but I was wondering if anyone knew where I could possibly find the XML file for Jfd's Soviet Union, as I was planning on trying to create a Vox Populi oriented version of it (with credit of course). So if anyone would happen to know if JFD has that...
  2. S

    Ideas to Buff JFD's Soviet Union?

    One thing I've noticed is that when playing through Vox Populi, JFD's Soviet Union mod seems to have some very underwhelming abilities. The main focus, that being the ability to earn influence with intense military strength is much less useful, since diplomats do the same thing far better, and...
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    [BNW] How to maintain a large army early game? (Soviet Union)

    I've been playing several games with JFD's Soviet Union, and I would love to hear some tips if anyone could offer. My biggest concern, is how my UA revolves around having a large military, but I'm having trouble funding anything more than a couple units early game...
  4. SpaceCommunist

    Soviet Union (Leon Trotsky) 2017-11-21

    NOTE: Requires the "Soviet Union (Lenin)" mod by Space Communist to play. The mod can be found here and here. Stats:
  5. SpaceCommunist

    Soviet Union (Lenin) by Space Communist 1.1

    Adds the Soviet Union to the game as a playable civilization, led by Lenin, the revolutionary Bolshevik himself! Unique Ability: All Power To The Soviets! +1 Production and Science from Tundra and Snow tiles and Industrial Zone buildings Great Scientists and Engineers gain +1 Charge with...
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