spanish civil war

  1. Pablostuka

    The Spanish Civil War v4 for ToT + ToTPP + Lua - Development Thread [ON HOLD]

    Introduction to SCW v4 I first started designing and creating the Spanish Civil War scenario for Civ2 MGE back in 2002 when I was just a teenager. Back then I reached José Pellón (a.k.a. @Kramsib) in the Spanish Apolyton Site for permission to use his wonderful Iberian Peninsula map. The first...
  2. Florian de Saltés

    SMAN's The World at War Scenarion - The Spanish Civil War

    It is a scenario based on the excellent mod of SMAN's World at War Scenario in the Spanish conflict between 1936-39. Completed: - Map - Civilizations (playable): * Republicans - II República * Nationalists - Francisco Franco * Catalonia - Luis Companys * Euzkadi - José Antonio Aguirre *...
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