1. DrCron

    Can someone explain to me why me cities here are going to zero stability?

    EDIT: update, I was misreading the tool tip, feel free to delete thread.
  2. Enyavar

    Prussia in current version (1.16.2)

    I love testing the expansion stability system, and prussia is a great example to show how it works. So this thread is just to point out how ridiculously overbuilt a Prussia can be if it gets properly managed core cities. For the sake of the first two city alone, I ran most of the time with...
  3. pza

    Multiplayer Stability Thread

    I think G (edit: and @davenye, @raphaell666) is doing a good effort to make multiplayer playable, so i thought it's due that we gather feedback on this topic. We can discuss used settings, maps, modpacks and configurations. Please report your findings and provide as much additional relevant...
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