1. NerdByFate

    My2K, No Way! v1

    A mod that disables My2K functionality within the game. Oh yeah, it also stops that pesky TOS popup from appearing every time you start the game. After installing this mod, the My2K button at the bottom right of the main menu will remain, but it will be grayed out: If you would like to remove...
  2. CGQ

    [BTS] Just another typical Isolated immortal shadow game with Wang Kon

    All this real world war and conflict got my civilization juices flowing again! :) I just rolled a Fractal map with random settings. No huts/events.
  3. Hippie_Peace_man

    Why Can I Never Get Incan Starts Like This?

    So many mountains... but I was playing on Songhai WHY!?
  4. Bangra 7

    [BNW] Diplomacy setup (LUA)

    So. Here's the thing: I've already practically finished a mod programming for Brave New World, but I want to script in some parameters for specific maps/scenarios to use. Basically, the MOD is an earth-based mod called Alien Earth, and I want to use LUA or SQL, even XML if necessary, to create...
  5. ImaRRgam

    Creating religions from the start of scenario

    Hello! I have my custom map scenario with starting cities on it already and I wanted to add religion to them. Simply, when I start scenario I want that there will be 3 religions founded already, specify which cities subject to them and also I want to block a possibility of founding new religons...
  6. Victoria

    Water Water Everywhere

    Would you restart this? I ask because most my games are starting like this and I in fact quite like it. The plains hills by far compensate for the lack of fresh water IMO
  7. ELRACj

    All Coastal Capitals Option

    I do not know how many of you guys loved doing a naval domination on Civ V but this was one of my favorite things (mostly because I am impatient and naval units move faster). So I was thinking, there should be a button in the settings that forces the capital to start on the coast (I believe...
  8. TenaciousHugo

    [BTS] Need some help with my start on GEM as England

    Game settings: Difficulty = Noble Size = Huge Map = Giant Earth Map (Ancient Resources) Speed = Marathon Nation = England (Techs are Fishing and Mining) Any tips for this start? I've got one Wheat NE (London will be the reference point unless otherwise specified), another 2 N and one more SW...
  9. Enonwnn Egypt Start

    Enonwnn Egypt Start

    Enonwnn Egypt Start Location
  10. Byzantine Start

    Byzantine Start

  11. Ai Worst Start

    Ai Worst Start

    Don't think the AI cheats? How can he have Swordsman when he can't trade! Little (bleep).
  12. Nice Start

    Nice Start

    Nice start with alot of gold :D
  13. Icecapades


    When good world generators go bad. Had a recent map where about half the world was ice...and no it wasn't an ice age map.
  14. Start position

    Start position

    Demonstration of the impact of starting position known as "my luck"
  15. SPACE RACE Contest - Space Ship

    SPACE RACE Contest - Space Ship

    3860 BC EARTH MAP Russia Chieftain Level 50 Bucks Gold NO Technologies 1 City (just founded) NO Units - Your SpaceShip is waiting for you to be able to use it...
  16. Start Scenery Of The SPACE RACE Contest

    Start Scenery Of The SPACE RACE Contest

    3860 BC EARTH MAP Russia Chieftain Level 50 Bucks Gold NO Technologies 1 City (just founded) NO Units
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