1. S

    Mod request: Stealth Fighter/Bomber

    Hi everyone, I've looked pretty extensively and can't seem to find a mod with added late game aircraft - a Stealth Fighter and Stealth Bomber. I believe Civ 5 had these units (modeled on the F-22 and B-2) but Civ 6 doesn't have these. The closest I could find for these mods required other...
  2. Brixter

    Stealthy Recon and Monks

    Recon units and Warrior monks are designed to be stealthy but they die before they can get that promotion. This mod adds stealth, buffs recon stats, etc. Features: 1. Recon units and Warrior monks get stealth by default. They don't need Camouflage nor Twilight Veil promotions. This ability...
  3. Brixter

    Added Combat Recon promotions

    This adds a bunch of combat abilities to Recon's promotions so they can actually participate in battle. Features: 1. Ranger includes +5 CS in Woods, Rainforest and Marsh, faster movement in Marsh, and can see through Woods and Rainforest. 2. Alpine includes +5 CS in Hills and +1 Sight. 3...
  4. MightyToad

    HMS Dreadnought 2050 2020-11-09

    This was a requested a while back. This is the Concept "battleship" for the Royal Navy. HMS Dreadnought 2050. It has a rail gun, missiles, and freakin' lasers. I'm not sure if the lasers are only for point defense or actual offensive weapons. I doubt lasers powerful enough to damage a ship will...
  5. internetuserpi

    [Vanilla] Eliminating Air Defenses

    hi, I’m trying to bomb an enemy city into submission, but my stealth bombers keep getting shot down by interceptors. Neither of us has a tech advantage. I’m wondering what the best way to eliminate these air defenses is. I've been trying to use overwhelming numbers of stealth bombers, but I’m...
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