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  1. Long try

    [BTS] Need to find some bits of strategy/tactics

    Back in the old forum, about a decade ago, I read quite a lot of neat tricks and plays that are really smart. I managed to apply some, others I've forgotten. To prepare for my return to Civ4, I want to revisit them, especially those that I wasn't able to implement. Here are a few I still...
  2. Piquito2223

    [BTS] Who should I attack first?

    I'm playing as the Romans on Deity. I have low relationship with everyone and I happen to border Montezuma, Saladin and Huang. I know Montezuma is very aggressive and he's going to attack me eventually. But the same can be said about Huang and Saladin. Ragnar is also close to me. I could try...
  3. GarryLLC

    How to increase land appeal?

    Hi! I never cared too much about land apeal, since I mostly play scientific/religious games, but now that they added preserves it is sooo much more valuable. Anyway, I wanted to ask you how to increase land appeal (I'm only aware of preserves themselves and Eiffel Tower). I play deity, and have...
  4. A

    What religious civic works for you?

    I usually try to found as many religions as I can and build the religious wonders associated with them. Then of course I build as many temple, monasteries, cathedrals as possible. What I've been wondering is what is the best civic for it that you guys have found? I usually end up going state...
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