1. Brixter

    Oasis buffs Commercial Hub, Aqueduct, City Park, Huey Teocalli and Etemenanki

    Oasis is already at a disadvantage because they can only be found in the desert. They don't do anything special other than give Food and Gold. So I buffed them. Features: 1. Oasis gives major adjacency bonus (+2 Gold) to Commercial Hub and Suguba - Like rivers, Oasis are trading hubs in the...
  2. Sostratus

    Hansa/Suguba Guide 2019-06-23

    **Updated for June 2019 IZ changes! See the updates tab for much more!! ** See below image for what I'm referring to in this text. Many players enjoy getting the most out of their districts. It is a wonderfully fun addition to empire building in Civ6. Several unique districts have special...
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