1. CivLifeRyoutube

    Civ 6 Deity Tank Only Challenge

    I decided to try a tank only challenge where the rules were: Huge map Maximum amount of civs I could put on the map Deity Difficulty Continents map Epic game speed (it took me 50 turns just to get modern armor and reveal the whole map) I can only use one modern armor unit to try to take...
  2. Hippie_Peace_man

    Soviet Union (Concept)

    After a recent unfinished Denmark game, I was inspired to create a puppet civ (like Venice) that could settle cities. I've never made a mod before, so I figured before attempting to create the civ, I would post my idea here and listen for feedback on whether this is OP or UP: Soviet Union...
  3. AzraelZephyrian

    La Tortuga (the Tortuga Tank) 1.0.0

    Tortuga in CIV 5 by AzraelZephyrian posted May 4, 2019 at 10:03 PMTortuga IRL by AzraelZephyrian posted May 4, 2019 at 10:03 PM This is a template mod for the Tortuga tank. Provided is an xml file which calls the .fsxml, .ftsxml, and the animgraph files. Also included are a number of...
  4. PPQ_Purple

    PT-76 2018-08-27

    The PT-76 (Floating Tank–76) is an amphibious light tank that was introduced in the early 1950s by the Soviet Union. A quick, mobile and reliable vehicle the PT-76 is used in the reconnaissance and fire-support roles. And in the Soviet union it formed the basis of naval infantry landings. About...
  5. D

    Chinese Type-99 v.1

    Chinese Type-99 Civilization: China Promotion: Chinese Tradition "+15 combat bonus against cities. +1 Sight. +1 Movement." Credit to snafusmith for providing the unit. I noticed there wasn't chinese modern units so I decided to pitch in. I plan on making a mechanized infantry unique unit...
  6. sman1975

    Railgun Armor V1

    This mod adds the Railgun Armor unit to the game, a powerful Info Era mobile unit with both a melee and ranged attack. Requires both Aluminum and Uranium to build. Uses a modified version of the GDR's "railgun" combat animation. Discussion thread...
  7. AnonymousSpeed

    Tank vs Spearman

    It's an old joke that is a bit less worn out than the Ghandi joke exclusively because people complain about it less. However, with Civilization 6's new combat system, where a difference of ~30 combat strength means instant destruction, there's no way a 25 strength Spearman could ever stand up to...
  8. TheOneHitPupper

    Need help with custom tile improvement?

    I'm planning to make Czech Hedgehogs into a tile improvement for Civ, but I'm at a loss for the code. I'm trying to give the improvement, once it's fully built, a way to damage enemy armored vehicles/tanks that pass over its tile. I also want it to provide a defense bonus to infantry-type units...
  9. Spearman Defeats Tank: Roman Empire Strikes Back

    Spearman Defeats Tank: Roman Empire Strikes Back

    Spearman defeats Tank, huh? How about Catapult defeats Stealth Bomber?
  10. Ninja Tank

    Ninja Tank

    My Tank disappeared? Oh, wait, its still there, but its going into ninja mode.
  11. Tank Vs Catapult

    Tank Vs Catapult

    This is what happens if you listen to the advice of your friends here at CivFanatics!
  12. Mark V Tank

    Mark V Tank

    The Mark V Tank from the World War I scenario
  13. Panzer (Wireframe)

    Panzer (Wireframe)

    Wireframe model of the German panzer Tank.
  14. German Panzer

    German Panzer

    3D render of the Panzer tank
  15. Abrams Tank

    Abrams Tank

    3D render of Abrams Tank
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