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text changes

  1. washy

    Creating new text

    There is something i´m missing for creating new text? <Root> <Entry> <zType>TEXT_EFFECTUNIT_FOCUS4</zType> <English>Focus IV</English> </Entry> </Root> i put that in a file called text-effectUnit-add in the Infos I also tried with en-us but i never get to see...
  2. TyrannusRex

    (France/England) and (Mongolia/China)

    Is there a mod or something that can remove those (to me, personally) mega-annoying (parentheticals) beside Eleanor's and Kublai's names? Honestly the one thing I hope they fix before Firaxis ends support for this game.
  3. Blake00

    [Civ2] Civ2 Title/Text/Font Colour Editor?

    Hey guys, Across the sites there are so many editors and hack programs for Civilization 2.. map editors, civ editors, city editors, dll gif editors, sound editors etc.. however I haven't been able to find a program that allows you to change text and title colours to better match custom GUI...
  4. L

    [BNW] Problems inserting text into Language_en_US using SQL

    So I wanted to add new diplomacy texts to my custom civ and for some reason, the text themselves won't show up. I have already successfully inserted text using SQL for buildings and things and after a check of Civ5DebugDatabase.db it would seem all the Response types got inserted correctly (for...
  5. adan_eslavo

    Promotion Overhaul for VP v34

    Reworks all texts and names of promotion for VP 2.0. Icons rework moved to VPPI mod by @Asterix Rage. Compatible with: @Enginseer's UCS; @Infixo's/@adan_eslavo's MWfVP; @Infixo's/@Asterix Rage's ENW; @Asterix Rage's EAW; @Infixo's/@Padre19's/@HungryForFood's Enlightenment Era; @Asterix Rage's...
  6. S

    Better Quotes Mod 2.0

    This mod replaces all the quotes you get when you discover/finish Techs, Civics, Wonders and Natural Wonders. The quotes are generally more serious and positive than the original ones, more in line with those in Civ IV and V. The quotes are not narrated. Installation: Extract to Documents\My...
  7. P

    How to change Text & Audio (update base game)

    After creating a mod I found myself annoyed with the descriptions of some of the units that I changed. I saw that the values did not reflect what was showing in their descriptions (popup and in civilopedia). So I set out to change these descriptions but had no ideal how to update them. After...
  8. Desertmoongw

    Our Sovereign Nation: Quotes 1.2

    Our Sovereign Nation is a planned mod series to give every civilization aesthetically unique versions of various different aspects of the game. Our Sovereign Nation: Quotes provides every civilization with a unique set of quotes for Technologies and Civics. These quotes are not voice acted...
  9. L

    How to make mods work properly in HOTSEAT?

    Does anyone know how to make Text Changes within mods to display correctly in HOTSEAT mode? A lot of my text appears as code strings. I have installed 2 mods: Biao's Strategic Resource and Tech Tree Mod; and 8 Ages of War Both are great and work perfectly in Single Player. But in HOTSEAT...
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