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tides of crimson

  1. haluu

    Tides of Crimson mod - Game 1

    Tides of Crimson (Fantasy Mod) - Succession Game Game #1 Please post here if interested in joining us. Thanks! Mod:. Civ 3: Tides of Crimson v2.92 Succession Game Players Max: 6 2/6 Players currently (4 open slots) We have started this game, but new players can feel free to jump in at any...
  2. tomma

    [C3C] The Rise of the Hobbit Empire (A Tides of Crimson story)

    [Tides of Crimson] The Rise of the Hobbit Empire Mod: Tides of Crimson Version 2.81 (by haluu) Modmod: C3X r7 (by Flintlock) World size: Normal (12 Civs) Krogs: Random (Barbarians) Map: Pangaea 80% Water Climate/Temperature/Age: Random Choose your race: Hobbits Your rivals: Random AI...
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