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  1. M

    [BNW] Question about delaying unit and building appearance change

    Enjoying to play in locked Eras, mainly the Industrial one for its steampunk aesthetics, I am looking for a way to delay to the next era the appearance change of some units and buildings that take place in this Era and look quite out of place there, namely : the Great General, the Great Admiral...
  2. T

    [BNW] <Improvement_YieldPerEra> of my Custom Tile Improvement is not working, Help!

    <Improvement_YieldPerEra> of my Custom Tile Improvement is not working, Help! <Improvement_YieldPerEra> <Row> <ImprovementType>IMPROVEMENT_CAT_CITADEL_ZHAO</ImprovementType> <YieldType>YIELD_SCIENCE</YieldType> <Yield>2</Yield> </Row>...
  3. AzraelZephyrian

    [BUILDING] Need help: walls tile improvement

    I'm trying to add modular field fortifications to the game... foxholes and walls, plus some tweaks to citadels and forts. They are instabuilt improvements--really low "time" values, so I'm gonna add them to a number of unit types in my mods, to allow entrenchment in active war zones, where...
  4. Reliquary

    What do tile improvements need?

    I've been extensively reading through a lot of these threads and slooowly understanding more of the technical stuff that comes up, but I've mostly been seeing people focusing on units and buildings. I did see @Amatheria 's resourceful mod, which I've been using as a reference to try and make my...
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