1. A

    Help me understand Trade Routes and Trading Posts

    So, first of all, I have to comment on how unappealing I find international trade in this game compared to the extraordinary power of boosting your city production with intra-empire routes. I'm worried they are going to "fix" this problem by doing what they did in BE, which is give intra-empire...
  2. M

    More involved navy? A simple suggestion involving sea trade.

    I find the naval aspect of the game somewhat lacking in Civ VI compared to older games. One word: pirates. More specifically, I think an interesting fix could be to firstly separate land/sea trade routes. Don't necessarily make a new trade unit, but have land trade routes and sea trade routes...
  3. T

    Trade limits per city

    I think multiple trade routes to and from specific cities should be limited, it makes sense and is good for balance. A simple way to do it would be making a hard limit on trade routes. To ensure there's no conflict between internal and foreign trade routes, the limit should be for both. So if...
  4. F

    Repeatable Options

    Playing through the first game. I noticed some things that weren't as annoying in Civ 5 or beyond earth that Civ 6 seemed to miss. End game tech, trade, and counter spy selections were auto repeating. 1. End game techs. I didn't have to click a few times to select the end game future tech or...
  5. Wodan

    Can't clear select city production prompt

    Situation: at war with pedro, conquer capitol, get a city in peace agreement, annex it, in your notification/actions queue (right side of the screen) you get a hammer/city select production notice. Immediately sell the city back to pedro for all his gpt. Bug: the select production notice...
  6. A Fair Deal, Don't You Think?

    A Fair Deal, Don't You Think?

    A trade with Mansa Musa, 30 gold for 30 gold. For some reason though, he doesn't think it's fair.
  7. Veneke

    How do trade routes/roads/railroads/harbours work? (vanilla)

    How do trade routes/roads/railroads/harbours work? Connecting your empire Introduction Should one go by horse, carriage, train or ship? This article goes through the basic mechanics of trade routes, roads, railroads and harbours. By virtue of explanation, some obvious strategies and clearly...
  8. Fair Trade?

    Fair Trade?

    Boudica offers me a trade that is nowhere near fair.
  9. Trade Advisor

    Trade Advisor

    Trading with other clans in the Shogun scenario.
  10. Civilopedia - Trade Routes

    Civilopedia - Trade Routes

  11. Trade Advisor #3

    Trade Advisor #3

  12. Trade Advisor #2

    Trade Advisor #2

  13. Trade Advisor

    Trade Advisor

  14. Horse Connected

    Horse Connected

    Build a road to the horse to connect the horse resource into your trade network.
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