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  1. W

    Idea: City banners always show trading post status

    Like how they already do when you have a trader selected.
  2. Q

    trading post establish eliminates trade route

    [] Gathering Storm On turn 114, I wanted to send a trader to Vilnius (from Hagmatana), but couldn't. As I knew I could before, I went back to turn 112 to buy a trader at Hagmatana, and on turn 113 I can send it to Vilnius, see first two pictures. On the turn 114 where I cannot, I can...
  3. P

    Tradingpost/village questions

    Hey all, been playing VP for about a year now. Love it and have forgotten about vanilla altogether. I do have a question about the TPs/Villages though. I noticed that applying this improvement now removes many features (Marshes, forests, etc.). This was not the case in vanilla if I remember...
  4. washy

    [BNW] Caravans Build Paths

    Caravans Build Paths Paths have better movment than normal terrain, but not as good as roads. Path maintenance 0.3 Roads maintenance lowered to 0.5 Rail Roads maintenance lowered to 0.5 Trading posts in paths generate +1 gold The graphics are the same than roads.
  5. washy

    [BNW] Cottage, hamlet, village, and town (V1)

    -With this mod enabled, you can build cottages, that upgrade with time if they are worked, it also consumes the worker: -Hamlet= +2 gold, -Village= +2 gold, +1 culture; -Township= +3 gold, +1 culture; -Town= +4 gold, +1 culture, +1 faith; -All get +1 gold if they are in a river. -You can build...
  6. L

    [R&F] [] Trading posts not working properly?

    This issue appeared in an online duel game, at marathon speed. It appears to me that trading posts are not always working to extend trade route ranges. See the attached screenshot and save. FYI, Bydgoszcz is exactly 15 tiles from Wroclaw, so within normal trading range. In this game, I had...
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