1. schlaufuchs

    [RD] Ask a trans person II: 2 trans 2 sexual

    Hello! My name is Sophie, Soph to friends. As I’m sure everybody is extremely aware at this point, I’m transgender - I was labeled a boy at birth, but now identify as a woman and go by she/her pronouns. I’ve always been aware of this identity to some degree or another (I’ve seen others refer to...
  2. JollyRoger

    Yuge text cut by Trump - getting rid of 7 dirty words I am at a loss for words.
  3. Omega124

    [RD] Conducting a Survey for my Political Science Class

    I am conducting a survey! It is for one of my political science classes that I am taking this semester. We have to create a survey, and then analyze and interpret the results. We had pretty free range in what topic we could pick, and how to administer the survey. I decided I wanted to do a...
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