1. F

    Enhanced User Interface - Italian Translation

    Hi all, first of all thank you so much @bc1 for your amazing job on EUI. I'm a CivV (very) occasional player and I came across your mod while trying to learn how to beat Deity. I was impressed by the amount of useful features you provide with EUI so I decided to translate it to Italian 🇮🇹 You...
  2. sman1975

    Any Greek Speakers Out There?

    Hello, I'm looking for someone who speaks Greek well enough to translate a few things for me to put into some of my mods. Just need help translating 20-30 different things. Thanks! sman
  3. Rac

    PT-BR Mods Translations Delivery

    Hello, I'm Rac98 and I make mods translations for Brazilian Portuguese. Well, as we are close to a new patch, and probably most of the mods will need updating, I decided to post this thread to give audience for my translations, since my old post failed miserably in that, they are in that...
  4. Rac

    Translation of Mods for Brazilian Portuguese

    Hello! This is thread dedicated to translations of Mods! I've been doing translations for a few weeks of some Mods (and I intend to keep doing) to Brazilian Portuguese and I'm making the first batch of my translations available as an end-of-year gift to all Portuguese speakers in the community...
  5. E

    []Portuguese Translation

    There's a translation error in Peter's power, from Russia. Original Text: Receives Science or Culture from Trade Routes to civilizations that are more advanced than Russia (+1 per 3 technologies or civics ahead) Original Translation: As civilizações que são mais avançadas que a Rússia...
  6. Estebanium

    The Vox Populi Localization Project

    :c5goldenage: Introduction Hi guys, some time has passed since I started to translate the City-State Diplomacy Mod to German. I then came to the Community Patch Project and a new plan was formed: The localization of this amazing Project. I have now reached a state where I can leave the niche of...
  7. Fredrik Gröndahl

    Swedish translation 2016-11-21

    Menyer klara och en del inne i spelet - Det som inte är översatt ännu är på engelska. Instruktioner om du vill testa finns på github: Swedish translation :)
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