1. Birdjaguar

    GOP 2024 Primary Season

    Trump Says He Won’t Sign Loyalty Pledge Required for G.O.P. Debate The Republican National Committee has demanded that 2024 contenders pledge to support the eventual nominee in order to debate. The former president is refusing. Former President Donald J. Trump said on Wednesday that he was...
  2. Birdjaguar

    Trump Indicted!

    Trump indicted by N.Y. grand jury, first ex-president charged with crime A Manhattan grand jury has voted to indict former president Donald Trump, multiple people familiar the matter said, becoming the first person in U.S. history to serve as commander in chief and then be charged with a crime...
  3. Birdjaguar

    Jan. 6th commission

    This is heating up and is likely to get hotter. It seems worth it to keep all the news and discussion in one place free from other news. McConnell on January 6 probe: 'It will be interesting to reveal all the participants that were involved' (CNN)Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said...
  4. Birdjaguar

    Trump's Rump

    I expect that Trump and his family will have myriad legal issues going forward. Here is a place to keep them all in one place. Legal Pressure on Trump Increases With Judge’s Order in Fraud Inquiry The order, answering a demand for documents by New York’s attorney general, rejected a bid to...
  5. Birdjaguar

    Trump Scandal Thread (Past, Present, and Future)

    There are way too many to list, but as they come back up in the news we can discuss them here. In the news today: Bribery for Pardon scheme court filing released today from last August. Apparently last summer DOJ raided an office and secured a massive amount of electronic gear and other...
  6. sman1975

    Trump - The Art of the Deal V2

    Trump - The Art of the Deal (v2). Love him or hate him, Donald J. Trump is the President of the United States, and therefore one of, if not the key player in the game of power politics in the early 21st Century. He leads an economic powerhouse of an economy, with world-class military might...
  7. Quintillus

    Trump proposes increasing gasoline tax by 25 cents/gallon

    Source Further analysis from CNBC: What is your position?
  8. C

    Clown Car II: Revenge of the Clowns

    "I believe that we have to be honest with the American people, but I think sometimes we can disagree with the facts." — White House press secretary Sean Spicer
  9. aelf

    Trump's statements and promises

    OT has been strangely quiet on this. I guess everyone is spent talking about the election. But it's not the election anymore. Now the reality of Trump's presidency is dawning. If you thought he has moderated his positions over the election, his recent statements indicate otherwise. So what can...
  10. aelf

    Not being held hostage by accusations of elitism

    I like this: Link Accusations of liberal elitism fall under this umbrella. Now it's becoming impossible to criticise or raise objections to racist and nonsensical drivel without being accused of being elitist and one of those who caused the left to lose ground. And the nature of bigotry is...
  11. F

    Trump's America for Earth 2014

    Tweaks the Earth 2014 Scenario by replacing President Barack Obama with Donald Trump, allowing you to destabilize the modern world under the guise of Donny T. himself. Adds a couple other minor tweaks, such as renaming some units and changing the start year to 2017. To install, download and...
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