1. Birdjaguar

    [RD] Russia Invades Ukraine--Act 3: Ride of the Valkyries

    And we are back. Please keep all of these in mind when you post: War news and events No personal attacks Civil discussion Respect for different opinions Ignore sidebar discussions Don't refight pre invasion battles Thank you all for keeping this important and difficult topic going reasonably...
  2. Arakhor

    [RD] Russia invades Ukraine: Part II

    This is the new thread for the Russia-Ukraine war. This is an RD thread, with the expected behaviour requirements. If we have to infract anybody else, it will come with lengthy thread-bans. Do not start any other Russia-Ukraine threads either. In short - if you're going to discuss the war...
  3. ArcticOcean

    Ukraine Civilization 0.10

    Features - Leader: Petro Doroschenko - Unique Building: Sanatorium - Unique Unit: Ukrainian Insurgent - Customized Traits, City List and Diplomacy text - Customized Icon Art, Loading and Diplomacy Screens Details This is the second modded civilization for my Middle East scenario. You can also...
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