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  1. Ardan Arianis

    Problems with audio/animations of unit

    Hi, everyone! I'm trying to create a unique unit for a new civ. This unique unit is a witch worker, that is, a female worker that uses magic to improve tiles. I've been having some problems due to my lack of expertise. For the graphics, I'm using the Earth Mage from saibotlieh (see here), and...
  2. N

    [GS] [Solved] Problem with Unique Unit

    Hello everyone! I've been having lots of trouble lately with my unique unit that I named the Timetraveller. The plan is to make them fully heal each turn. However, it would seem that using the 'EFFECT_ADJUST_UNIT_HEALING_MODIFIERS' and pumping it up to 100 doesn't change a thing for its healing...
  3. Sailor Cat

    Upgrades Keep Unique Abilities 1.08

    Don't Wait! Get Your Upgrade Today! Similar to Civ V, upgrading a unique unit will pass on its unique abilities. Subsequent upgrades to the same unit will continue to pass on these abilities. This includes unique abilities such as great general points from kills or starting with a free...
  4. bostonbongrips

    Unique Units Retain Trait

    Would love to see a mod where a unique units retain their trait once upgraded. This was possible in CIV V because the unique unit traits were given as a promotion rather than a passive trait. Not sure if this is possible in CIV 6 but it would be awesome for your oldest surviving units to have...
  5. Q

    [] Era Score with two Unique Units

    I'm playing Macedon, and I got the +4 Era Score for building a Hetairoi, but not for later building a Hypaspist. In the Civilopedia, under Major Moments, item Unique Unit Marches: "You have trained this unit for the first time, giving you an edge on the battlefield." It doesn't say first...
  6. GeminiDark

    A cry for help

    I've spent days trying to figure out how to do something, and while I think I'm on the right path, I can't get it to work. I also don't know how to go about coding another thing. Basically, I need help with making a unique unit that can only be made once per game, and only by the civilization...
  7. Cuica

    [BNW] Help making Great Musician award culture, faith, gold, and science when used.

    Hello, all. I'm new to the forum and mod making for Civ5 and I want to make my own civ. I've got a decent understanding of xml but I am new to lua. I am assuming that the feature I'm trying to implement is only possible with a lua script. One of my civ's unique units replaces the Great...
  8. King Phaedron

    Nuclear Gandhi & Vimana Unit for Civ6 Mod or Civ7

    This is a redesign for India centered around the Nuclear Gandhi theme. This was a bug that started back in Civilization 1, but there is actually some historic reasoning to explore with this. Call it Synchronicity or Coincidence, but I don't believe in Coincidence. http://ancientnuclearwar.com/...
  9. D

    Making My First Mod, Need Help with Civilization Unique Unit

    Hi there! I've been following along with a Civ VI modding tutorial on Youtube but I'm a bit lost when it comes to certain parts of the Unique Unit Code. Not that it truly matters (but in case anyone wants context), I'm attempting to make a Civilization around Keiki Haniyasushin from Touhou 17...
  10. G

    A Few Things Still Aren't Working With My Mod

    I'm still fairly new to this so my work is a bit messy, I'm still learning. I have a lot of parts working, but I'm not sure how to fix some of the others. I'm not sure what size the map should be for the civ selection menu so not all of it is on screen. I might not even have the right DDS...
  11. Crimson_Raider

    Unique Unit not appearing

    I made a mod attempting to add Samurai into JFD's Japan led by Tojo, unfortunately I didn't work out as easily as I hoped due to my SQL skills, so I made my own mod. However even though modbuddy doesn't give me any errors when I build the mod, the Yamato refuses to show up in the game (also for...
  12. Liliette

    [R&F] Several Modding Questions; Creating a Civilization

    Hey modding community! I'm a pretty beginner modder, and while I have attempted to make a functional civilization before and had it work half-decently, I didn't really understand ANY of what I was doing and it was basically just a copy-paste civ. In short, I'm trying to create the civilization...
  13. TahamiTsunami

    Which unique units or unique infrastructures would you like to see?

    I've enjoyed looking through Guandao's threads for possible choices of leaders, wonders, great people, etc. so I thought I'd get the ball rolling on what unique units and infrastructures that we'd like to see from current or potential civs. One of the ones I'd really like to see from a...
  14. GlobalTree

    Dharma - Needs a Redesign

    I know for all the problems to fix in civ 6,Civ balance is a later priority. But this post https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/devs-play-as-india.626595/page-7#post-14982831 And recent governor reveal made me realize how bad this ability is. Dharma is probably the most UN-synergetic civ...
  15. theGuitarist27

    [HELP] Unique Unit doesn't work

    I've had to remove lots of bugs out of my mod already, so big chance it's just a stupid mistake, but this is one I simply can't find. It causes the civilization selection screen to have no scroll bar (which means the civ doesn't have two uniques) and when I select my civ through the advanced...
  16. pineappledan

    Any Unit Model Makers in the House?

    Hi there. I'm trying to make a new unique unit for the Shoshone for a 4 unique components mod specially balanced for the Community Patch. The CBP gives pathfinders to every civ, so they need a new unique unit to replace it. I need to make a unit based on the Yellow Brow (Ohamupe) military...
  17. Ghiaman1334

    I have no idea what I'm doing. Unique unit?

    So I'm new to the modding scene. I've never done any kind of programming, coding, code editing or anything of the like in my life. But I decided to throw my hat in the ring and try for making a basic mod using the ModBuddy in the Development tools. I'm following the guides I can find and using...
  18. S

    Unique units not actually unique

    Hey guys, I have been working on a mod creating a new civilization. its a bit of a proof of concept mod as the civ has one of everything. ie. unique units, tile improvements, unique buildings. however when I was playing the game the unique unit was not unique! everyone had it. I am wondering...
  19. T

    [BNW] Unique Unit not Showing up

    Hey guys, So I finished making my mod and got no errors in the SDK. I build it and run my game but it only shows my Unique Building and Unique Ability and everything seems to be working but the UU. Any ideas?
  20. clytngrffn

    The Vikings 4.0

    This mod has the Vikings with Ragnar as leader
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