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unit balance

  1. CAYM

    CAYM Tweaks for VP 2023-09-16(3)

    2023-09-16 fixed 4mode folder 1) Unit change: - SkirmisherLine_Changes VP fundamentally lacks understanding of archer mounted units. Ranged mounted units must be able to use "hit and run" tactics. Therefore, melee combat power was reduced and survivability was increased(Promotion...
  2. Zegangani

    Unit Balance Patch (Mod)

    The April Patch from last Year made quite some changes to Units in Civ VI, and the addition of the 3 new Units weren't the only reason for that. Even before NFP, Units in Civ VI were, although OK, far from being balanced, especially the balance between the different Unit Classes. But Balance...
  3. modmod

    Map size and movement compensation

    Many of us faced the same reality, when a nearby inland colony is some more turns away (with the limited movement points of units), than Europe or Africa there and back. So idea far from unique. Actually Ramstormp had it summarize recently: " If you play on some gigantic Caribbean map (not...
  4. C

    Balance Suggestions After two Marathon Games

    First of all, I LOVE this mod! Thanks for making it! I also want to say that I am not sure if this is a side effect of the mod, or if these values I explain below are part of vanilla Civ V. But I wanted to write about this to hopefully make the mod even more fun! So I have played 2 games in...
  5. L

    Novemberisms strategic resources \ unit balance

    Does anyone know if there is a current mod that does what Novemberisms' Strategic Resources mod did? I loved that mod and I see it is still on Reddit but it hasn't been updated and doesn't seem to work anymore. I specifically want units to not require strategic resources but to get -5 attack...
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