unit movement

  1. L. Vern

    [QoL] Squads: Group Movement + RTS Style Control Groups 0.3

    Group Movement + RTS Style Control Groups See the main thread for details https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/qol-squads-group-movement-rts-style-control-groups.682627/
  2. robal1991

    [GS] [] Unit moves with a left mouse click

    I also saw civ6 youtubers to complain about that. And I've finally found an easy scenario to reproduce the bug (works in vanilla, R&F or GS) 1. Select a unit 2. Click delete unit button (or delete key) 3. DOUBLE click the "No" button. The unit will move with the left click (unless there is...
  3. P

    Damage and Movement

    I recently needed to find the calculation for a damaged unit's movement allowance for an event I want to write for a TOTPP with Lua scenario. https://www.civfanatics.com/civ2/strategy/combatguide/#basics was the only thing I could find, and that is only good when the road multiplier is 3...
  4. Temppu

    Improving religious game

    Having been reading this forum for some time, I have got the feel that the religious game feels lackluster to many players. There are three main sources of frustration in the religious game: The Religious units of other players clutter your territory, if you don't beat them. The Religious...
  5. Swinns

    Anyone can think of a way to make it so a land unit doesn't embark but move and attack as normal?

    oops. meant: Can anyone think of a way to make it so a land unit doesn't embark but move and attack as normal on sea? I am trying to make essentially a flying missile cruiser and I need find a way to either make land units not embark, naval units ability to go on land. I have been trying to...
  6. NameArleadyUsed

    Unit table

    If you like me just want to have all data at hand without the need to jump through civilopedia entries or spy through SQL tables with a lot of unwanted information, here it is: TABLE CONTAINING BASIC INFO ABOUT ALL AVAILABLE UNITS Might be helpful when you want to look at units out of the box...
  7. C

    Unit Movement in Civilization V (vanilla)

    Unit Movement in Civilization V "E pur si muove!" - Galileo Galilei Introduction And sometimes you will wonder why the game refuses to move one of your units on that so important tile or lets your enemies cross a forest without pain! Hopefully this article will help you to find the reason...
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