1. S

    PS4 crashing Version 1.10

    I have been having crashes on PS4 in the November patch very frequently late game. I am playing on a large map with 8 AI. The last game I played went perfectly fine, however two games ago I also experienced late game crashes. I believe it has to do either with large maps or with Gaul. Both of...
  2. Amadhe

    Game Minimizes upon clicking every few seconds.

    Hello all. I have a severe problem. Whenever I launch Civ 5, it plays the intro video which I click to skip, after this, the game loads to the main menu, from where it minimizes to desktop. This occurs every few seconds, the longest is two seconds, and the shortest is half a second, whenever I...
  3. L

    Unplayable Crash After Too Many Trades

    I found out that if you force the ai to trade all of their money, you can trade one strategic resource (ex. a horse) for 30 turns of 1 gold by asking the ai for a fair trade. On deity for as hard as it is to gain any advantages, I want to take advantage of trading in anyway possible, so I trade...
  4. R

    [BNW] Horrific Modded Early Game Lag

    For some reason, when I play a modded game when I click "Next Turn" it takes between 3-4 Minutes for the AI turns to process. This issue just started happening after a previously modded game that took ~550 turns without any issues. Also, city states take up a bulk of the turn time (~2 Minutes)...
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