victory conditions

  1. ilmis9

    Domination Victory

    Is there anyway how I can manualy tweak requirements of DV? Like: 2/3 of population+1/2 capitals and 1/3 of landmass. Not trying to strive for way easier wins, but this would make more ways of AI winning. Also would be fun to always watch out for somebody not reaching neccesarry threshold of...
  2. ManoftheHour333

    Victory Conditions for Civ VII

    As famed American nuke-crackpot Douglas McArthur once said, "There is substitute for victory". And in the game of Civilization, this is true. It's one of the core game mechanics to encourage people to keep playing towards the end! While many have been saying that Civ should go in a direction of...
  3. K

    Religion rework

    I'm getting my feet wet modding and my idea is pretty ambitious but I'm pretty determined to see it through. I am not fond of the way religion doesn't really change past the middle ages, and I'm trying to make another tech tree out of the beliefs, more great people (you have to have earned one...
  4. K

    [C3C] How to change victory conditions mid-game

    Hello people, I have this game where I like to change the victory condition with victory point scoring off but I already started the game. Is there a way to do that?? I thought of maybe converting my save to .biq and using the save editor, is it possible to convert .sav to .biq? (if so, how do...
  5. D

    Creating custom victory conditions

    Hi, I'm trying to get a friend of mine back into civ, however he doesn't like the fact that rounds of the game take a few hours. He mostly enjoys the first 50-100 turns where the map is fresh and players are scrambling for the best territory. Since I couldn't find any mods anywhere that add...
  6. King Phaedron

    Inconsistent Rules & The Endgame is Absolutely Atrocious!

    Late Game, End Game, After Game, what an Atrocious mess! 1) For starters, whose bright idea was it to replace the Civ5 Gold Focus / Faith Focus with "City Projects" That complete in literally 2 turns flat?! That person needs to be fired from the development team! I wish that cities would just...
  7. J

    [XML] Refining Victory Conditions / CollectionType + Requirement Logic

    Hi, I am trying to change the Religious Victory conditions from: "Having majority religion for all opposing civilizations" to "Having majority religion for all opposing civilizations not being a specific leader" or "Having majority religion for all opposing civilizations still having cities"...
  8. S

    2 victories at the same time

    Hello, I just want to ask why did I lose. I played with a friend and I had one more turn remaining for the last mars project and he had like 170 tourists / 172 tourists. So we clicked next turn at the same time and I lost and he has won. Is there some kind of priority? My total score was higher...
  9. Glax

    [BNW] Combined Conditions to get Victory MOD?

    IS there any mod that requires 2 or all conditions for Victory? for Example to Get Victory.. You have to get Domination+ Cultural to Get Victory Screen Or Get the all 5 Conditions to Get Victory Screen i would like to get all five victory conditions before the Victory Screen Comes...and plays...
  10. HiddenNinja

    [GS] World Congress Diplomatic Victory - Allies can't vote against

    The AI banding together to make you lose victory points at 15 seems extremely artificial, and pushes players towards other victory types (usually cultural or science). I recommend that allies should not be allowed to vote for each other to lose diplomatic victory points. This makes sense as...
  11. SPQR1

    [GS] Diplomatic Victory Bug

    In my last game with 19 DVP points I entered the World Congress. I know I will lose 3 DVP points as I dont have too much diplo favour. So I tried to minimize my losess and tried to guess the porpositions. I lost the first one I win the second one (1 DVP) Third one is the DVP election I vote...
  12. C

    Economic victory concept

    This victory type is based around the establishment of corporations. Corporations have HQs and Subsidiaries. You achieve economic victory once you have established one corporation which is a) established in every other civilization and b) for each of those civilization, has more HQs and...
  13. arthur486

    [GS] Proposal to fix Diplo Victory

    At this point it is clear that diplomatic victory is broken. For me, it's not that it takes too many turns to achieve, but is mostly the fact that the pre-modern part of the game does not have a deciding influence on its outcome. Sure, science victories are also lengthy, but in order to be...
  14. Infixo

    Real Strategy (AI) 2.0

    New version 2.0 as of 27.06 - Updated for New Frontier Pass. A quick overview only. Go to the discussion thread for more details. Different approach to make AI better, a mixture of Lua "thinking" and tuning of AiLists. Before you start - Real Strategy (RST) works with vanilla, Rise and Fall...
  15. H

    [R&F] Can I get a golden age in one more turn mode?

    To elaborate on what's in the title, is it possible to get a golden age in the postgame? I'm trying to mess around after a win and shift cities' loyalties to me, which would go a lot faster if I could keep my spy missions to two or four turns. Otherwise, can I turn off victory conditions...
  16. E

    [R&F] Unenjoyable after Renaissance Era. Tips???

    Hello fanatics, I wanted to open a new thread, this time to talk about the late part experiences of CIV VI R&F. At the beggining when I start a CIV VI game I enjoy very much the first part: exploring the map, planning (wich city will be specialized in what..., what part to explore, deffending...
  17. Gl0bal1st

    [BTS] What is the highest difficulty at which all victory conditions are possible on continent maps?*

    Civ 4 Fanatics, What is the highest difficulty at which all victory conditions are possible without resorting to nukes on continent maps? Everything else standard. Thread
  18. PWL

    Diplomatic Victory

    Hello all, I was wondering if anybody has modded in a Diplomatic or Cultural style victory into Colonization.
  19. Djungelbear

    Do the AI change behavior depending on victory conditions used?

    Hi, I’m not a big fan of religious victories and would like to disable that victory condition. However, I don’t want to win on Deity by not winning fair and square. So, will the AI change behavior if I disable certain victory conditions or will it go on spamming e.g. tons of missionaries without...
  20. G

    Alternative Victory Method (Catan-esque)

    The end of Civ games often feel anti-climactic. Most of the victory conditions don't come into play until the late eras of the game, creating a vague sense of progress towards victory for most of the game followed by sudden clarity and an abrupt ending. One idea I think would be interesting to...
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