1. L

    Game failure using Radeon Card under Linux

    Hello all, I have a low profile Radeon 7570 in my SFF system. I am able to run Civ VI on this card when the machine is booted into Windows. When I am booted in Linux, I get an error after I click on play and the game fails. I removed the card and used the onboard VGA system and it works fine...
  2. archemidiate

    Civ 3 Behind the Scenes Video

    I have not played Civ 3 for the better part of 20 years, but I still remember how much I enjoyed the game. I've kept around a copy of the Behind the Scenes video that came with the bonus disc of the game since when I bought it back in 2002 or so. Now, recently I noticed that there did not seem...
  3. DrCron

    How to win "early conquest" on deity

    Hi everyone, I'm uploading a video series showing how to apply the "early conquest" strategy on Deity. For anyone interested the video series starts here: It's not an exceptionally great date, like 800 AD or something like that, but I show the general strategy and all of the main ideas you...
  4. DrCron

    The "don't settle near me" promise is broken: a practical example

    I could write a bunch of text here, but it's easier if you just see this very clear example of the broken mechanic. It's in the first 2 minutes an 30 seconds of this video: Has anyone checked the game files to try to find out how that "logic" works? Because however it is, it definitely needs...
  5. AdamCrock

    What Video Games Have You Been Playing #12: Rage Quit - ain't my thing

    Previously played : What Video Games have you been playing I: My Muffintop Expands! What Video Games have you been playing II: Have you finished that backlog? What Video Games have you been playing III: You're gonna need a bigger boat. What video games have you been playing? 4 What video games...
  6. inquisitive_otter

    [GS] VidLP - Deity Australia, epic speed

    Greetings CivFanatics! For this play-through, I decided on playing Australia. This is primarily because of the Land Down Under ability where campuses, commercial hubs, holy sights, and theater square districts get a bonus based on the appeal of the tile where they were founded. I believe that...
  7. inquisitive_otter

    [GS] VidLP - Deity America, Epic speed

    Greetings CivFanatics! I’m a long time civilization player with fond memories using catapults to take over cities in Civ I. I’m finally done playing Civ V and starting to put in some serious time in Civ VI because of the new update. Watch as I play as America in deity. Game setup: Epic...
  8. boomingburritos

    Basic Diplomacy

    Hey everyone, I've started making guide videos for the mod on my channel and am planning on creating a basic (and later advanced) diplomacy video. I already know about all the big things like DOW, Research Agreements, Defensive Pacts, relationship modifiers, etc.. What I was wondering was...
  9. tu_79

    Fantastic video tutorial on barbarians

    Hey, watch this This guy really put an effort into it.
  10. T_80_Tank

    The historical videos in Civilization IV

    Hello everyone!:c5happy: I've already posted some of my historical videos on this forum, but now I'd like to put them all in this simple thread. :culture: New historical videos on the map in Sid Meier’s Civilization IV are produced every week.:hammers::hammers::hammers: Subscribe to my...
  11. civtrader6

    Peaceful Deity Science Victory in 150T PERICLES & 157T Lucky ROME (VIDEO) - Strategy and Discussion

    An amazing thing with Civilization is how many different playstyles and goals it can accommodate. So here's one: Peaceful deity science victory - standard size, standard speed, continents - no warmongering. Of course, to achieve this - under any time - and especially fast - you have to be lucky...
  12. civtrader6

    Science Victory in 128 Turns (VIDEO) - Strategy and Discussion UPDATED 2

    Hi all, due to many requests I am posting a video guide to fast science victory using GoTM 28 map (Aztec, Emperor, Standard Speed, Fractal). In the video, I am discussing the rationale behind most decisions and trying to demonstrate how to build your empire. The phases generally comply with the...
  13. T_80_Tank

    [BTS] The Rise and Fall of the Mongol Empire in Civilization IV

    Hello my friend! :gp: Today I want to show you my new video about the rise and fall of the Mongol Empire in our favorite game of Civilization IV!:hammers::hammers::hammers: If you enjoyed this - subscribe:c5faith:, new videos are produced every week!
  14. T_80_Tank

    [BTS] The Spread of Christianity in Civilization IV: Every Year

    Good news everyone! © I would like to show you my video :culture: that shows the approximate spread of Christianity :religion: and its major denominations around the world in the game of Civilization IV! [civ4] From its foundation to the present time. If you enjoyed this - subscribe:c5faith...
  15. T_80_Tank

    The History of the World in Civilization IV with RFC DoC mod

    Hello there!:egypt: I would like to show you my video about History of the World in RFC DoC modification by Leoreth for Civilization IV with my own significant changes involved more accurate simulation of the history with some random factors (like some dates).I've been doing it for 10 months=)...
  16. GravityWave

    [BTS] Civilization IV Live Stream

    One day a week (Tuesday normally) I'll be live streaming a game of Civilization BTS on YouTube. You can also watch after the fact and so can observe all my mistakes, and maybe some triumphs. Here is Part I: My YouTube channel, where I post retro as well as current gaming stuff, is here...
  17. DrCron

    Analyzing the "Civilization" series: Victory conditions

    Hi everyone, I started a video series about the Civilization games (from 1 to 6) and their vision of history. In the first video I talk about the victory conditions, and the question "how do you win history?" I'm leaving it here in case you guys find it interesting:
  18. DrCron

    4 non-obvious strategy tips

    Hey everyone, I recently made a video showing 4 non-obvious strategy tips that work well on Deity (though they are ok for lower difficulties too). I'm leaving it here in case people want to check it out. Also, I'm considering creating a full strategy section for CIV 6 in my channel, and I was...
  19. DrCron

    Analyzing the "Civilization" series: Victory conditions

    Hi everyone, I started a video series about the way the Civilization games view history, it begins with an analysis of the victory conditions: I'm leaving this in some of the old games forums because I reckon people that have been playing the games for many years, as I have, will enjoy this...
  20. Zeusmoltar9

    AI Battle Testing Mini Series

    I used to run AI battles in Civ 5, it's something that we currently were unable to do without hacking in with fire-tuner which doesn't really work very well with Civ 6 (and it shouldn't, it was designed for civ 5). After Gedemon over at Civfanantics was able to open up the games in-game auto...
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