1. Q

    [] Trade Route ends abruptly; alliance ends, volcano erupts

    On turn 144, I have an international trade route from Kashamarka to Aachen. The trader is 1 tile east of Aachen. On turn 145, the trader is back in Kashamarka, available to start a trade route. It so happens that my alliance with Germany ends at the same time, so I wonder if these are...
  2. oSiyeza

    [NFP] Progression and balance in the Apocalypse

    As I posted in the bug section. The apocalypse mode lacks progression and having 1 disaster per turn during the whole game (this is now a hard limit too), creates weird problems such as game not being balanced for bigger maps, volcanoes disappearing as the climate change kicks in and all...
  3. WillowBrook

    Vesuvius achievement help

    The "walls kept tumbling down" achievement requires that at least six pop be killed in one Vesuvius eruption. My Vesuvius keeps taking out only one pop. Looking for suggestions or reasons why any of the following is or is not the reason. Note: I'm playing Rome, and my city immediately adjacent...
  4. Arab Cities

    Arab Cities

    A Volcano has erupted South of Mecca.
  5. Pompeii


    The volcano is no where to be seen.
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