warrior monk

  1. Brixter

    Monks, Nihangs, Vampires and Naval Melee ignore Walls

    This mod makes the mechanics more consistent. Warrior monks, Nihangs, Vampires and Naval Melee units attack melee but they are excluded by the wall breaker mechanics. Features: 1. Battering ram works with Warrior monks, Nihangs, Vampires and Naval Melee. 2. Siege Tower works with Warrior...
  2. Brixter

    Nihang (and Warrior Monk) tweaks

    I added 2 promotions to Nihangs so they also have 7 promotions. I also buffed the 2 lackluster religious wonders and added utility to Gurus. Features: 1. Nihang has Melee's Urban Warfare and Tortoise promotions at Tier 3. 2. Nihang's +1 movement promotion also ignores terrain movement...
  3. Brixter

    Warrior Monk tweaks

    This is a collection of my tweaks on Warrior Monks. Basically, I treated them as religious units with all its perks. Features: 1. All Follower beliefs can purchase Warrior Monks. 2. The Warrior Monks Follower belief adds an ability to Warrior Monks that allows them to heal every turn similar...
  4. Brixter

    Warrior Monk bug fixes

    Warrior Monks are missing a lot of abilities. It seems like Firaxis forgot that they exist. Features: 1. Warrior Monks are affected by Great Generals of any era, similar to Nihangs, Vampires and Questing Knights. 2. Added a lot of missing abilities to Warrior Monks. a. Civilizations -...
  5. Brixter

    Recon, Monks and Ranged Cavalry get Encampment experience

    For some reason, Firaxis didn't include Recon, Warrior Monks and Ranged Cavalry in gaining bonus Experience from Encampment buildings. Features: 1. Recon and Warrior Monk get +25% experience bonus from Barracks and Basilikoi Paides. 2. Ranged Cavalry get +25% experience bonus from Stable and...
  6. Brixter

    Stealthy Recon and Monks

    Recon units and Warrior monks are designed to be stealthy but they die before they can get that promotion. This mod adds stealth, buffs recon stats, etc. Features: 1. Recon units and Warrior monks get stealth by default. They don't need Camouflage nor Twilight Veil promotions. This ability...
  7. H

    [GS] [] Warrior Monk still CANNOT benefit from Great General(s).

    Seriously, this bug has been left so long, though the previous patch intended to fix this problem but actually couldn't about one year ago. Could you fix this, please?
  8. MadManCam

    More Monks v. 3

    Steam Workshop Page - All Follower Beliefs now grant the ability to purchase Monks. - Supports the Religion Expanded Mod. - Replaces the Warrior Monks Follower Belief with Monastic Warrior Training, which gives newly trained Monks a free Twilight Veil promotion and +2 movement when starting in...
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