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  1. Art General

    Full Game Video. Dutch Empire. Wilhelmina

    I told my friends that Civilization VI easily could be won on emperor difficulty (marathon) for any leader. To prove it I try it myself. I play everyone except Peter, because russian cruelty cannot be tolerated. First game is here. Second game is here. 3rd game is here. 4th game is here. 5th...
  2. Scaramanga

    Wilhelmina in Lego Brickheadz form (MOC)

    Brickheadz. I'm building 'em. What do people think of Wilhelmina here?
  3. IMG_20190110_153447_edit


  4. Ever Adrift

    [R&F] Your Favorites Among the New Civs

    Now that R&F has been out for a bit and many of us have had time to get used to the new systems and try the civs we were most excited about, I am curious as to what civs people have enjoyed the most. Aside from the poll, please feel free to explain what you like about them, how best to play...
  5. A

    [R&F] JDF's Wilhelmina Art

    I love JDF's mods and love what he did with the Netherlands, however, I disagree with him changing the art of Wilhelmina to her WW1 appearance (when she didn't really do much of anything) and labelling her old model to Juliana (her daughter) while she looks (at least in my opinion) nothing like...
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