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  1. modmod

    Modding - XML files/ tags/ values

    This topic intented to collect: Existing XML files in Civ4Col modded version Explain what the different tags/ lines intented to do in them. And how those tags CONNECTED TO different XML files/ tags. Treat this as modding resource for XML modders. By the way it helps to personalize the version...
  2. Krzyszkot

    Only allow purchasing settlers with gold/faith

    I wanted to make a mod in which there would not be many cities and each new one would be a big thing. One of the things I want to do is to disable the ability to train settlers with production. To that end I've put the command MustPurchase="TRUE" in the settler line of Units.xml. At first it...
  3. F

    [NFP] Qeustion regarding xml files

    First of all - I apologise if there is a thread about this already - I couldn't find it. My question is - how did game files structure change lately? Some time ago, there were xml file where one could simply change some values and modify the game. I prefer long games - with biggest maps, max...
  4. C

    Modding for DLC

    Hello everyone, My wife and I have been modding the base game for a few weeks now, messing around with various things like custom units, buildings ect, it's been great fun. Just recently we've both tried to override units present in the DLC but neither of us are able to make any references to...
  5. J

    [GS] [XML/SQL] Simple one city challenge tick box option

    Hi, I have created a simple game.configuration tickbox in the FrontEnd with XML. I want to execute at simple sql code: UPDATE Units SET PrereqPopulation = '99' WHERE UnitType = 'UNIT_SETTLER'; to prevent players from building settler if this is ticked. How can I affect the gameplay data...
  6. JesusWarrior

    Need suggestions on compressing music for mod compatibility

    Hello there, So I have been having this issue where I get this 7zip error upon building with ModBuddy. I am creating a new civ and have been constantly building and testing my mod and it has been working. I decided to add a custom soundtrack into my mod and it worked as well, it could play...
  7. E


    well i start to modify xml files (i have the pirate game because i dont have money so i can¨t acces to the sdk) so i interested in modify alexander and add an abilietie of the german empire, (imperial cityes) can somebody help me how can i do this? or know some way to have the sdk whitout steam...
  8. G

    [BTS] XML Load Error in Mods

    Hi, I've been playing Civ4 for a good few years now and recently decided to tackle my first mod. I started by trying to add a new civilization, following the tutorials on the forum. However I kept on getting an XML Load Error when loading the mod, saying that the CivilizationsInfo file failed...
  9. A

    Have modded xml file override original through modbuddy

    I want to copy an existing xml file from the Civ 6 base game and edit it, then put it into modbuddy. I can't get the modded xml file to take effect. The idea is that once I make it an official mod I can just enable or disable it from Civ 6's main menu.
  10. G

    Remove Starting Bonuses

    I want to play on Diety, but without the AI getting any of their starting bonuses (tech, civics, units). I found the units in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Base\Assets\Gameplay\Data and commented out lines 44-46, so now the AI shouldn't get any extra...
  11. P

    [BNW] A Question About Yeild Modification

    So, I am writing a mod (attached). The point of the mod is to reduce the default gold of a Trading Post to 0, then add one gold if each each of the following is true: Next to a city On a River On the Coast On a Road/Railroad Additionally, I am not allowing Trading Post to be adjacent. When...
  12. M

    How do I modify Policy xml

    How do I modify policies XML file. has found the file o and changed some values saved the file. but when the game starts, its the same as before. whats wrong.
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