1. DukeCivStarcon

    [BNW] More Zoom Out

    This is basic but who knows how difficult it will be. I want to zoom out more in Civ 5 BNW. Just a tick or two. Any clue on what to modify to allow this? Hoping it's not some traditional-style hardcoded mess. Thanks!
  2. D

    [BTS] Zoom to Active Combat

    As I recall, Civ IV (including BTS) would zoom to show your units when they are being attacked. The version I have now is not doing that, so I am still choosing what to build next in my cities while my troops are dying. Any idea why? How to fix? I'm playing multiplayer LAN games, the 'final...
  3. O

    iOS (iPhone) Zoom Mod?

    Does anybody know the way to modify the zoom increase in iOS? I've been trying several mods but all of them change the Camera.artdef file, wich is not accsesible iniOS. I have tried some mod zoom but they are developed to work in PC, so the iOS Civ6 game it recognise the mod, but it don't work...
  4. MadManCam

    Free Camera 31 Mar 2018

    Steam Workshop Page Experience VI with unhindered camera tilt and rotation, easy Time of Day adjustments, ultra-zoom, and simple controls. Set up great screenshots and play the game from a custom perspective. See the Free Camera: Reduced Zoom Range Addon for a more manageable zoom. You don't...
  5. R

    Farther Zoom 1.0

    A mod that lets you zoom farther out to see more of the map, and closer in to admire the intricate detail of the game's gorgeous graphics. Unlike its predecessors, this mod works in both World View and Strategic View. It also tilts the camera more aggressively in closeups, and less when...
  6. 12@!n

    KinetiKam 1.1

    INTRODUCTION AND INFO Tired of the limitations of the default camera? Wanting to zoom in an all the detailed glory of your neighbor's capital right before you nuke it? If so, this mod is for you. WHAT DOES THIS MOD DO? This mod is simply a Camera.artdef with a few values tweaked to allow the...
  7. I

    Extra Zoom - AltTiltZoom 1.0

    Behold your empire in all its tiny glory! Up close and personal. This mod lets you zoom in more than the camera naturally allows! ALT+Drag to extra zoom in. Drag to zoom out again. Zip into your /Mods folder to install. *For a more technical description, this mod uses the same tilt zoom from...
  8. Zoom Out View #2

    Zoom Out View #2

  9. Zoom Out

    Zoom Out

  10. Hasting


    This looks like the normal zoom level.
  11. Zoom Out

    Zoom Out

    A zoom out view of the map
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