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Éa Minor Issues and Polishing thread

Discussion in 'Éa Fantasy Mod Project' started by Pazyryk, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. Pazyryk

    Pazyryk Deity

    Jun 13, 2008
    We're not at "polishing stage" yet. But sometimes I can knock these off easily enough while I'm working on other stuff. In any case, having one list prevents these from being forgotten after they slip back a couple pages on the Bugs thread.

    Post issues below and I'll update this list periodically. They don't have to be UI issues only (though probably most are).

    • Cases where Leader name should be changed to Civ name:
      • AI diplo request to "Declare War on _____"
      • "Tile owned by _______" in plot mouse-over
      • Player list on right-hand side of screen that stays open (this is a game option which is why I forget about it)
      • (report others below so I can list them here)
    • Still have black background (rather than map) when AI initiates dialog
    • Only two player colors right now for human player. The solution here is tough due to the in-game civilization change. Fix will be either 1) player color updates when civ name taken (I'm not sure if this is possible) or 2) human player can select color at game start in Advanced Setup.
    • Gunfire sounds and map-center explosions when some animal units fighting (Civtar working on solution)
    • Strange UI glitch where all actions sometimes become shown (though disabled) for GPs. Clears up by cycling units and does not allow player to do anything they shouldn't.
    • "Float up" texts are often on top of each other.

    Other related threads:
    • Non-spell icons
    • Unit 3D models (e.g., "use this unit instead" fixes)
    • Report TXT_KEYs or wrong text here.
    • The Civolopedia as a whole is really a major coding issue listed in Coder's thread here. (It's major because the code is horrendously written, making it very difficult to mod.)
  2. jekke

    jekke Warlord

    May 29, 2014
    foreign core area
    //I hope this is the right thread for such requests.
    is it possible to make Krakens' animation a bit slower? It's kind of a king of seas, and it really should not move like a duck rushing to get a piece of bread thrown into the water.

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