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ñ´s Religiously Wonderful SG


Nov 29, 2006
Madrid, Spain
Even though its my first post in the forums, im an regular civ player, and have had vanilla and PTW for a bit more than 2 years, so i´ve decided to come up with a new SG with a nice twist to it:D

So here´s the Religiously Wonderful variant (a fusion between Passive 5CC, and other variants i´ve found while surfing through the threads:crazyeye: ):

  • We can´t have more than 5 cities at the end of a turn, accepting or conquering cities is allowed, as long as we trade them off before we end the turn

    We are a peaceful bunch:)rolleyes: ), so that means no declaring war (going to war with a nation that has declared war on us is ok, as long as we havent provoked them), and the only acceptable means of winning are Culture, Space Race, and Diplomatic

    We must have at least 2 wonder from each era, gaining a wonder by conquering a city is accepted, as long as it doesnt violate the previous rules

    Sistine Chapel is an obligatory wonder, and counts as one of the 2 for that era

    We must have either a temple or cathedral in every city

    Cannot accept slaves, so we must give back all conquered workers by the end of the turn

    Our civ must have the Religious trait

    .......and of course most important of all, our reputation is extremely vital in this variant, so please no abuses of any kind:cool:

Game: I think PTW, but Vanilla is acceptable too
Civ: Open for debate as well
Roster: Five players, counting myself
Land: Random
Climate: Randon
Temperature: Random
Water: Random
Age: Random
Enemies: I was thinking 9 more random civs
Barbarians: Random
Difficulty: I haven´t played this variant myself yet, so i would think either Warlord or Regent, although i guess i would be willing to try out Monarch as well

As soon as the roster is done, ill post four starts an we´ll vote for one of them...................I´ll play the first 20 turns, and the next person can take it next....

So the rosters are open as of............NOW!:lol: :lol:
n911, sounds like a *great* game, i'd love to join EXCEPT that i have conquests...... i don't want to do the uninstall/reinstall game
lurker's comment: You don't have to do anything, if you have Conquests you have also both PTW and Vanilla. :D

This is not a signup.
Hmm. Sounds interesting...
I'm in. :D BTW, include a link to this thread from your ad on the SG Registry Thread.
I'd like to tentatively sign up for this if you'll have me. It'll also be my first SG as I've only recently (3 months) had a comp able to load this gam 've owned for 3 years or so :blush: I play comfortably on Monarch, about to try my first Emporer and been reading these threads almost more than I been playing lately. anyway id like to say "I'm in"

On a semi relatd note, is there a place I can test my posting of pics and links just to make sure I get it? Don't see that I'd have an issue with it but i'd like to be sure I'm able to before committing to something reliant on it.
Cyllus, welcome to CFC!!! [party] :band: :bday: toobad about those com problems you mentioned... :badcomp: :old:
IF you go with Vanillia I be happy to sign up. difficulty wont matter to me.
Otherwise I will be lurking.
Might I also suggest India as your civ choice.
Culture or SS is the way to go I not sure if diplo. is possible for a 5CC varriant (I could be wrong).
Also a suggestion to go for the Colossus for one of your AA choices if possible.
Alright, im glad to see that this thread has gotten some support overnight (im in madrid, GMT +1, I think:crazyeye: ). We´ll go Vanilla so JJJSpider can play to. The roster so far is:

so we need one more player so that i´ll start posting starts. Also to those that have already signed up, please post your comments on what civ u want to play as, and difficulty level as well, since we havent decided yet:
ñ: Will go with whatever, although i dont think any civ with the militaristic trait (I repeat, the Religious trait is obligatory), will do any good since we won´t be doing much war, if any at all:mischief:
choxorn: waiting
cyllus: waiting
JJJSpider: India

also, to players and would-be players of this SG, post any comments u might have about World Age, Temperature, Climate, etc.... and if u wanna change any setting just say so.
Advice from vet players is very encouraged:D :D
I agree with JJJSpider that India would be a good civ for this game. Difficulty: Would probably prefer Regent (Regent because AI Warlord will never get to Modern Times, and as 5CC, neither will we without trading!), but would take Monarch or Warlord if others wanted to. As for age, temp, climate- I don't really care all that much. One Question: As for two wonders from each age. What if we somehow manage to win by 20k Culture before Modern Times?
Alright so the roster is now closed with Daghdha´s sign-up. Chosen Civ: India
Vanilla version, here are the four starts. Remenber 20 turns, 24 h to post a ¨got it¨, and 48 h to play.


  • RW 1.gif
    RW 1.gif
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  • RW 2.gif
    RW 2.gif
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my vote goes for either 1 or 2. I like the goody hut, game, forests, and river in 1, but 2 has good things too, and its right next to coast, which will make us get early contact with overseas nations.
BTW, it´s standard size, and there are 7 more civs.

Before we start playing i wanna discuss a few things, like what tech strategy are we gonna use? and city planning

Since we are peaceful, we shouldn´t linger on techs based for military purposes, we should spend more time on techs with commercial and cultural value, same thing with buildings. This game implies a single, vital rule: Less units, more buildings.
Cultural is a good way to win, and more in this game where we have to buid 2 wonders every era, and since we are gonna have only 5 cities, we might as well build every single building with cultural value, to get as many points as possible. Im not saying we should downright leave military, of course we are gonna have to build barracks, spears, swords, etc.... im just sayin that it will pretty much play a second role in this variant. Trading is a key point too, so we are gonna need to have as much gold as possible, so lets try not to run on deficit, or at least not too long:crazyeye: :lol:

As for city planning, since we can only have 5 cities, we really need think hard about where we want our cities to be, since each one built is one less to the limit. I suggest building very near resources that become obsolete in future eras (iron, salpeter, coal, etc.....), so that IF we need to later, we can dispose of those cities and build new ones near newfound resources.
I also think its better not to reach or city limit before we get to Middle Ages, since we might make a mistake in building our cities to fast, and loose some nice spots near gold, cows, BG, etc...

Might i suggest counciling with the rest of the roster before building a new city???
I agree with you on 1 or 2. 2 questions: 1. What difficulty level? 2. you still haven't answered my question about wonders and winning.
Starts: 2 is bad for a 5cc, others are ok. I think 3 has incense in the fog.

Shouldn't we be allowed to win by wonders? Never tried, but it is very peaceful. Don't know how many is required :confused:
Cult would be one city 20K since we won't be able to reach 100K with 5cc.
For research I suggest we give the slingshot a try, i.e. Writing-->CoL-->Philo = Republic as free tech.
What is random? If everything is random, then cool. If only map settings, then I would like to know:
What opponents (we can hit f10 and find out, but for tech planning on this stage it would be useful to know)
Aggression level on opponents
Status on barbs
SGL's (on/off)
Difficulty level: Monarch, since i´ve thought it´ll be comfortable and yet pose a challenge

Haven´t really understood ur question:confused: :blush: , but i guess that if we win by 20k before Modern Times, then there´s no need to go on with the game. Was that ur question?:crazyeye: :crazyeye:
All settings random. Start 3 also has another BG below the settler, but i stick with 1. I agree with the slingshot idea, so we shoot straight to Republic.
Sorry, missed that post. :blush: Daghda, this is Vanilla, not C3C, so there's no Philosophy Free tech and no wonder victory.
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