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The address for the 9 PM EST Chat will be:

Just enter this address in your browser. (Or click on it. ;))

It's up now...and I will be there until I start playing the game at 8:15 EST. Then once I'm finished...and upload info to CFC...then the turn review will begin. :)

Edit: Please enter your position in brackets. For example.....my name will be "CornMaster (President)"

No dice....it's too unstable.

Everyone....to the CFC chat room!!! :)

Setting up my Trillian IRC now. You can either use the Java interface....or get an IRC Client here: http://www.nonags.com/nonags/confirc.html

http://www.civfanatics.com/chat.shtml is the java version
This is the info needed to configure your IRC clients:
connect to the IRC server at irc.webmaster.com then join the channel #civfanatics.
:mad: :mad:
OK! now I'm real mad... I'm sitting here, TRYING to download netscape, 2 **** hours! then I TRY to download mIRC, and its taken **** forever, its 10:06, and I have been trying for the last HOUR to get on to SOME KIND OF CHAT and I CANT EVEN DO IT! I suggest WAY BACK WHEN that we yse Yahoo, a REAL easy to use system, but did you want to, NOOOOOOOO!!!! lets use systems that run off the computer, so if your internet connection sucks, then you suck...

well now, I'm mad... feel free to delete this post, but if you try to send me any PM's and I read them before I go to sleep tonight....
:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

DO you think I have ANY idea on how to log on to an NIRC server? I look and look for your stupid irc.web.... and ITS NOT THERE!!! I look in the help files, and ITS TELLING ME I'M DOING IT RIGHT!!! its been 1 hour and 18 freekin minuts... I'm going to yahoo and starting a room there.
We can have two more sessions today as well to clear things up for people who couldn't join. So we could have another meeting at 5GMT and another one at 2 GMT.
By the looks of it I made the right choice not to waiting up until 3 am for that this... :)

Dell, what do you mean 5 and 2? Pm or am?

Edit: Horrible spelling mistake and grammatical error.
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