[GS] [] Loading Saved Game Trashes Graphics


Aug 7, 2016
Adelaide, South Australia
Loading my latest saved game gives the trashed opening screen in the 1st attached screenshot.
Going into the game itself gives the 2nd screen shot.
This has happened a few times since the Summer release and has never happened to me before.

No mods are in use.

Also attached are:
(1) the config I used to create the game.
(2) The state of the game at the very start, i.e. before Move 1.
(3) The saved game that gave me the trashed graphics.

Computer: i7-4790K CPU@4.00GHz, 16Gb RAM, GTX 970, Win7, DX11.
No mods in use.
20190916221747_1.jpg 20190916221800_1.jpg
Saved config file, saved game at start, saved game at turn 97 that caused the crash.


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  • JOHN CURTIN 1 4000 BC.zip
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  • JOHN CURTIN 97 2560 BC.zip
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