[R&F] [] Gameplay bug: unlimited production overflow stacks while skipping turns


Dec 25, 2017
Or an exploit? Not sure.

In R&F, the production lost bug has been fixed already (wonder 50% back, chop when no city projects), but while another operation added - forcing skip the turn, with the overflow production stack it leads to very interesting/imbalanced results.

How to force skipping a turn? When you need to choose something to produce in city, or to choose next civic/tech, or to sign governor title, etc, press SHIFT + ENTER, then you will find the turn is skipped. ALL productions, science, culture, will add into the overflow, they DO NOT lose or replace, just stack. (but due to another very old bug - science overflow cleared by eureka and culture overflow cleared by inspiration, using this to skip choosing tech/civic are too hard to control, though still useful for fixing the price of districts, waiting for new era tech discount, etc)

So when you want to accomplish an important wonder, like the Forbidden City, but the tech is not ready, you can just let Magnus chop in this city, then let him go to another city and skip turn. All stored production in this city won't lose, and still the city yields continues to add to this stack every turn. When the Printing Press completed, just choose Forbidden City and you may find it only need 1t to finish.

More extreme examples, such as the space projects, can use this exploit to store production in advance. And then when techs arrives, they're done immediately. Is this really what designers and players want? I doubt it, so I think of it as a bug.

But even without this exploit, if your city production yield can be greater than 30, you still can produce a scout per turn (or even other military units with policy modifier combo) to keep overflow, as the same as what we did in civ5. So I'm not that sure, maybe there are some differences between KEEP and STACK.

Original link: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5582579925
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I'm not going to use this forced end turn.
It should be removed.
As for the scout exploit, it should be fixed as well. Maybe cap the overflow to 50% of the project value. So max 15 production carry over on a scout.
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