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Jul 19, 2014
Hi. This is a list of what I suspect are bugs, that I've been adding to over the years playing this game. So take note that the version number above may not have been active at the time I've seen any given bug. Mostly I'm posting this so that hopefully members of the development team see it and can work on patching these bugs out. But, please tell me if any of these are not bugs and are indeed intended mechanics. Also, if you guys know any fixes for these bugs, please let me know! Your help is much appreciated!

Bugs/ Possibly bugs

  1. Trade route path does not always show. Should show path in white but does not always happen. Sometimes shows part of it in white, sometimes none of it is shown in white.

  2. Bug with citizen tile work selection. Trying to work districts can bug out (when you click the head in the district tile), and it takes you out of the citizen management window.

  3. Cannot click on unit sometimes (to select it)

  4. When Reyna is in city with forestry management, and u hovering over to improve a forest, shows +2 gold, when it should be -2

  5. The improvement map tacks are a bright red colour (looks out of place). Is this a bug?

  6. Hotkeys for lenses randomly stop working sometimes. Tabbing out then back in generally fixes it (isn't caused by tabbing though)

  7. Mines on volcanic soil don't affect appeal for some reason. Is this a bug?

  8. Mines give -1 appeal to adjacent tiles. So removing the mine should add +1 appeal to them, but it doesn't. Bug? (sometimes doesn't happen till next turn)

  9. Can't build panama canal in my game (there's a legal spot, where I have those map tacks for Panama Canal) See Screenshot
    Proof for Bugs#9.jpg

  10. Sometimes not able to offer gold to an AI as a deal (bug?). This happened when one turn away from finishing a send aid emergency, but when I reloaded a save at that time, was able to send gold.

  11. Sometimes a unit has no ability to “wait”. See pic of tank near Edfu
Proof of Bugs#11.jpg
I think with the Panama Canal issue, the fact you have 2 polders is blocking it.
Might be mistaken here though
I think with the Panama Canal issue, the fact you have 2 polders is blocking it.
Might be mistaken here though
Thanks for the feedback! I'l try removing those polders and see if it'll then let me build it, the next time I play the game.
Can't answer some questions without your save files/ pictures.
9. You can't build Panama Canal there because the Panama Canal, if completed, would connect the lake, the city and the coast, it's just like a triangle, which is not allowed.
If you city was placed south east of the aqueduct, that location for Panama Canal would have been valid, because it did not create a "triangle".
If you city was placed east to the horse (both 2 tiles) or on the gypsum, that location for PC invalid (triangle).
In general, the Panama Canal (and all normal Canal) must connect water-water or water-city, NOT both of them.
11. When a military unit is on the same tile with civilian one, the "Alert" button seems to be missing, not sure if it's a bug or feature...
Thanks for your response, bbufa! I tried removing the polders and still couldn't build the Panama Canal, so you must be right, bbufa.
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