[] Peace Treaty Unit Boarder Conflict Bug


Feb 23, 2017
Sorry for the name, but I don't know what's causing it.

I was playing as Brazil and was at war with Kongo.

We had a peace treaty and thus my units withing Kongo's borders were moved outside the borders.

However, some were moved within the borders of another civ, England.

We have had an open borders agreement and I cannot remember if it was still going by that turn, but it was not present after the peace treaty (so might have coincidentally ended on the turn of the peace treaty).

My units remained within English borders (and on the edges of Kongo's) and I was unable to move them without the declare war prompt come up.

I can still select the units and see their stats, and am able to select a movement (showing as just a red circle) but only will be able to move if I declare war. (war prompt appears).

From this point I believe that either this problem could have been down to the end of the open borders agreement ending or the war ending or both.

I only noticed this more than 10 turns ahead so was unable to go to an autosave before the incident (sorry) however, I tried doing things after.

Test 1
I declared war on England (via moving my stuck unit within English borders or by just moving it to where it was already standing) and this then sent all my units within English borders to their nearest unclaimed tiles (as they were closer to that than my own border).

Test 2
I went back and this time declared war on Kongo (via moving my stuck unit into within the adjacent Kongo border). This time it did not remove my units from the English borders and the only way I could move my stuck units was if it were to initially move into Kongo territory.
Note: my unit was still stuck if there was some form of obstacle in the way, like another unit or a mountain tile, then my stuck unit was still stuck within English borders as it would require move than just their initial movement to get into Kongo territory).

I do not know if this makes anything any clearer but I hope it helps.

My game settings were:
Standard (with 8 other players (9 including me))
Emperor Difficulty
Epic Game Speed
Pangaea Map

Reporting from turn 365, 1708 AD, Industrial Era.
Bug happened between 10-15 turns before hand.
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