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    Dismiss Notice Advanced Setup screen doesn't remember settings

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Confirmed Bugs' started by Mercade, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. Mercade

    Mercade the Counsellor

    Nov 8, 2002
    The Netherlands
    When using the Advanced Setup screeen, it always starts with the same settings of Random leader, Tiny map, Prince and Standard speed and all victory settings switched on. It would be much nicer if it would actually remember my last settings so all I have to do is change what I want to change.

    Same for the "play now" button that always brings you just to the default settings as described above. Would be much nicer if I could replay with the same settings as my previous game.

    Is anyone else experiencing this? And no, I cannot post a savegame of this :)
  2. mihaifx

    mihaifx Warlord

    Oct 1, 2010
    Advanced setup? I'm seeing this when choosing the regular options too. But not always, sometimes they stick around. It's an odd behavior, to be investigated.
  3. watcharin

    watcharin Chieftain

    Aug 18, 2010
    I can confirm this problem. It is a little bit annoying.
  4. Petek

    Petek Alpha Centaurian Administrator Supporter

    Nov 8, 2001
    Berkeley, Calif., USA
    Same problem here, but I have different default settings than mentioned above and they don't change. Current OS is Windows 7. I also have an older system running Windows XP and it has the same problem (different defaults though). The config.ini file contains entries for some of these settings (such as world size), but changing that entry in config.ini doesn't change the game default. I tried deleting config.ini and deleting the cache files. Neither had any effect and I still got the same default settings when starting a new game. It doesn't remember your current settings even if you start a new game without exiting Civ.

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  5. Mercade

    Mercade the Counsellor

    Nov 8, 2002
    The Netherlands
    In fact, it's not just the (advanced) setup screen, but there are many more UI elements that don't have a persistent state:

    1. The "show queue" checkbox in the city screen.
    2. The "Info Panel" at the top left of the screen showing research info, city or unit lists. At any game load you it's empty.
    3. The "Toggle Map" showing grid lines etc (assumed, not tested).
    It's rather annoying that you have to set these settings each time you start or load a game.
  6. pagh80

    pagh80 Warlord

    Nov 25, 2001
    Its a stupid system but here is what you can do:

    First go into "set up game"
    Here choose leader, map type, map size, difficulty and game speed.
    To save these setting for later games you have to press startgame.
    Once that is done next time you start a game these settings will be saved.
    Sadly there is no way to save the settings in advanced setup. :(
  7. cf_nz

    cf_nz Prince

    Mar 17, 2006
    New Zealand
    FWIW I'll add a few more options I'd like to have become persistent across saves/games.

    1. Citizen management (default = hidden).
    2. City building display (default = shown).
    3. City wonder list (default = shown).

    I change these 3 every time.
  8. Petek

    Petek Alpha Centaurian Administrator Supporter

    Nov 8, 2001
    Berkeley, Calif., USA
    Thanks for this tip! It works for me and probably explains why players have different defaults that sometimes change.
  9. williamtorres

    williamtorres Chieftain

    Jul 20, 2009
    East York, Ontario
    My OS is Vista which, due to the different library structure from 7, may be the reason that this workaround doesn't persist for me.
    I tried following the same steps as was used in Civ4 to resolve this problem but that didn't work for me either. I am wondering if it is a Steam related problem or a UAC problem. I will try turning off UAC in the near future and let you know the result
  10. kane65

    kane65 Chieftain

    Mar 11, 2004
    Mine wasn't remembering the Civ or anything else in "Setup Game" option. I was able to modify config.ini to get it where I wanted. The settings I wanted remembered were France, Duel Mapsize, Warlord Difficulty (hey I'm new).

    In config.ini, [UserSettings] I modified the lines to this:

    That was it. As far as settings go, they all start at 0. Hope that makes sense.
  11. kane65

    kane65 Chieftain

    Mar 11, 2004
    I posted this in detail but it isn't appearing so if this is a duplicate, sorry. But here's the basics for getting it to remember some of the options in "Setup Game" single player. Go to the config.ini [UserSettings] section. You can change options here and they'll be remembered. Just remember in the config the settings start from 0 not 1. So if I want France to be my default Civ I change LastCiv=6 or if I want it to default to duel map I would have LastMapSize=0. There's no way to get it to remember advanced settings like Quick Combat as far as I can tell so you still have to do them.
  12. Mercade

    Mercade the Counsellor

    Nov 8, 2002
    The Netherlands
    Thanks for this workaround to at least get your personal defaults set. Clearly it's a bug that it doesn't remember these things automagically to whatever settings you last played on.
  13. williamtorres

    williamtorres Chieftain

    Jul 20, 2009
    East York, Ontario
    You say you modified these lines? None of these settings appear in my config files.
    I checked all 4 files, where are these located on your computer?

    Mine: %USERNAME%/Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization 5/
    Files: config.ini, GraphicsSettingsDX9.ini, GraphicsSettingsDX11.ini, UserSettings.ini
  14. kane65

    kane65 Chieftain

    Mar 11, 2004
    Here's my entire config.ini (it's in the location you mentioned)
    Spoiler :

    ; Set to 1 to enable the fire tuner to connect to the game.
    EnableTuner = 0

    ; Set remark levels (ex. /R0 /R1:Video - means all off except video level 1) (default "/R1"
    Remarks = /R1

    ; Set remark log filename; empty for no remark log
    RemarkLog =

    ; Sets a breakpoint on a specified object allocation order number (debug only).
    CrtBreakAllocNum = 0

    ; Set to 1 to send FRemark output to the tuner
    SendRemarksToTuner = 0

    ; Set to 1 to enable mem tracking when using a mem tracker build
    EnableMemTrackerSystem = 0

    ; Set to 1 to do various embedded memory tracker dumps
    DoMemTrackerDumps = 0

    ; Set to 1 to disable hotloading of objects
    DisableHotLoading = 0

    ; Set to 1 to enable asserts in debug mode
    EnableAsserts = 1

    ; Set to 1 to have loose files override PAK files if the loose file is newer
    LooseFilesOverridePAK = 0

    ; Set to 1 to quiet D3D warning and leak msgs
    D3D Mute = 0

    ; Sub-directory where the game code DLL resides, set to empty string to let the game decide
    GameCoreSubDirectory =

    [User Settings]

    ; Set to 1 to enable threaded submission to D3D11
    Threaded Submission = 1

    ; This is capped at runtime to the number of logical processors
    MaxSimultaneousThreads = 8

    ; Set to 1 to activate the debug panel
    DebugPanel = 0

    ; How close you can get (11.0=default, 4.0=debug zoom)
    Minimum Zoom Level = 5.000000

    ; Whether or not to use screen space terrain overlays
    Use Screen Space Overlay = 1

    ; The currently selected steam language
    SteamLanguage = english

    ; The currently selected language.
    Language = en_US

    ; The currently selected spoken language.
    AudioLanguage = en_US

    ; The URL to the Community Hub.
    CommunityHubUrl = http://civ5.sake.gamespy.com/SakeStorageServer/FiraxisServices.asmx

    ; Set to 1 to disable Fall-back Language Support in the Localization System.
    DisableFallbackLanguageSupport = 0


    ; Mini-map width.
    Width = 320

    ; Mini-map height.
    Height = 190

    ; Thickness of camera rectangle, in pixels
    CameraRectThickness = 10.000000

    ; If ratio of explored area to visible region size is less than this (on both axes), do not draw camera rect.
    CameraRectThreshold = 1.000000

    ; Extra space, in pixels, to leave on edge of explored region
    ExploredRegionGutter = 20.000000

    ; Alpha value for fog
    FogAlpha = 1.000000


    ; Set to 1 to disable Terrain system
    Terrain = 0

    ; Set to 1 to disable LandmarkSystem system
    LandmarkSystem = 0

    ; Set to 1 to disable Overlay system
    Overlay = 0

    ; Set to 1 to disable OverlayDebug system
    OverlayDebug = 1

    ; Set to 1 to disable Decal system
    Decal = 0

    ; Set to 1 to disable City system
    City = 0

    ; Set to 1 to disable Unit system
    Unit = 0

    ; Set to 1 to disable Forest system
    Forest = 0

    ; Set to 1 to disable River system
    River = 0

    ; Set to 1 to disable LeaderHead system
    LeaderHead = 0

    ; Set to 1 to disable Audio system
    Audio = 0

    ; Set to 1 to disable Combat system
    Combat = 0

    ; Set to 1 to disable Particle system
    Particle = 0

    ; Set to 1 to disable Projectile system
    Projectile = 0

    ; Set to 1 to disable FOW system
    FOW = 0

    ; Set to 1 to disable FluidFOW system
    FluidFOW = 0

    ; Set to 1 to disable YieldIcons system
    YieldIcons = 0

    ; Set to 1 to disable DistanceFog system
    DistanceFog = 0

    ; Set to 1 to disable StrategicView system
    StrategicView = 0

    ; Set to 1 to disable Minimap system
    Minimap = 0

    ; Set to 1 to disable ColorKeyEdit system
    ColorKeyEdit = 1

    ; Set to 1 to disable Waves system
    Waves = 0

    ; Set to 1 to disable Arrows system
    Arrows = 0

    ; Set to 1 to disable MovementPath system
    MovementPath = 0


    ; Controls the threading strategy: (0=default,1=no display lists,2=one DL per command set, 3=split mode, 4=aggregate mode)
    ThreadingMode = 0

    ; Number of commands per diplay list to aim for in SPLIT and AGGREGATE thread modes
    TargetJobSize = 100

    ; Enables stack-trace collection on random number generators and FAutoVariables. Slightly slower and uses more memory
    EnableOutOfSyncDebugging = 0

    ; Set App on Auto-Run
    Autorun = 0

    ; Number of turns to autorun before exiting (0 for no limit)
    AutorunTurnLimit = 0

    ; Enable message logging
    MessageLog = 0

    ; Enable rand event logging
    RandLog = 0

    ; Enable synchronization logging
    SynchLog = 0

    ; Enable AI logging
    AILog = 0

    ; Enable Builder AI logging
    BuilderAILog = 0

    ; Enable Serialization logging
    SerializationLog = 0

    ; Enable Tutorial logging
    TutorialLog = 0

    ; Enable Tutorial debug window
    TutorialDebug = 0

    ; Split AI Logging into separate files for each Player & City
    PlayerAndCityAILogSplit = 0

    ; Overwrite old network and message logs
    OverwriteLogs = 1

    ; Enable the logging system
    LoggingEnabled = 0

    ; upload assert logs and crash dumps to the server
    UploadReports = 1

    ; Delete reports after uploading to the server
    MoveReports = 1

    ; Show combat debugging overlays
    CombatDebug = 0

    [TextKey Settings]

    ; Enable triggered sounds from units (3dsmax Note tracks) (default 1)
    Enable markered sounds = 1


    ; Disable sounds from gamecore (also can set via tuner) (default 0)
    Disable Sid Sounds = 0

    ; Enable in-game music (default 1)
    Enable music = 1

    ; Ignore any variation cap settings (default 0) (Sound guys, set this to 1)
    Disable audio variation cap = 0


    ; QuickStart - SinglePlayer games only!
    QuickStart = 0

    ; Bandwidth options are modem or broadband
    Bandwidth = broadband

    ; Number of seconds to accept live game list updates from GameSpy (-1 for initial snapshot only, 0 for no live updates
    GameUpdateTime = 10

    ; Number of seconds the end turn timer counts before automatically ending the turn
    EndTurnTimerLength = 10

    ; Random seed for game sync, or '0' for default
    SyncRandSeed = 0

    ; Random seed for map generation, or '0' for default
    MapRandSeed = 0


    ; In-game Alias
    Alias = Kane

    ; Email Address
    Email = mgsetzer

    ; Save Path - relative to working (Civ5) folder
    FileName =

    ; Handicap for quick play
    QuickHandicap = HANDICAP_WARLORD

    ; Blocks players from entering the city screen
    CityScreenBlocked = 0

    ; How many turns between advisors showing up to help you out (0 means never!)
    TurnsBetweenAdvisorCounsel = 0

    ; Allows the player to give right click movement movement orders while the camera is scrolling
    AllowRClickMovementWhileScrolling = 0

    ; Force quick combat animations
    QuickCombat = 1

    ; Game Name
    GameName = Kane's Game

    WorldSize = WORLDSIZE_DUEL





    ; Victory Conditions
    VictoryConditions = 11111111

    ; Game Options
    GameOptions = EMPTY

    ; Max number of turns (0 for no turn limit)
    MaxTurns = 0

    ; Allow AI in multiplayer games
    EnableMultiplayerAI = 1

    ; GameType options are singlePlayer/spLoad
    GameType = singlePlayer

    ; Map Script file name
    Map = Assets/Maps/Continents.lua


    ; Last Civilization Played
    LastCiv = 6

    ; Last Game Speed Played
    LastSpeed = 2

    ; Last Map Type Played
    LastMapScript = Assets\Maps\Pangaea.lua

    ; Last Map Script Was Random
    LastMapScriptRandom = 0

    ; Last Map Size Played
    LastMapSize = 0

    ; Last Map Size Was Random
    LastMapSizeRandom = 0

    ; Last Map Type Was Earth
    LastMapWasEarth = 0

    ; Last Game Difficulty Played
    LastDifficulty = 2

  15. williamtorres

    williamtorres Chieftain

    Jul 20, 2009
    East York, Ontario
    Spoiler :

    This entire section was missing from the end of my Config file. So I added it and now the settings are being saved. Thanks. I did cross-reference the rest of your file with mine. Only the [User Settings] section was missing.

    I had originally installed the game on a different bootable partition, but had to move it. The originally installed config file wasn't deleted during uninstall. When I checked it, the missing section was there. However, the game wasn't being redirected there because even the settings in it were not loading.

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