[NFP] [] Visual Glitch Queueing Civics in Civic Tree


Apr 11, 2020
Type of bug: In-game

New bug to this patch: Yes

Game type: Single

Playing with DLCs: Yes - R&F, GS, all DLC expansion packs (up to and including NFP)

Playing with mods: No - disabled all mods except official ones for this test

Description: There is a small visual glitch when attempting to queue civics in the civic tree. The tree does not visually update to show queued civics until you close out of the civic tree and then reopen it.

Reproduction rate: 10/10 - tested in 10 separate fresh starts

Steps to reproduce:
  1. Launch new game
  2. Found city
  3. Attempt to queue any civic beyond the immediate option (e.g. Craftsmanship or Early Empire)
  4. Observe that civic tree queue does not visually update
  5. Exit civic tree
  6. Revisit civic tree and notice that queued civics now show up
Expected result: The civic tree should be updating the queue without needing to leave it and then return (much like what happens in the tech tree, which still works fine in this update).

Observed result: The civic tree does not refresh until you exit and return.

System specs: i7-5930K stock, Windows 10 x64, GTX 1080 Ti 446.14, DX12

Additional remarks: This appears to be fine for some of the later civics (I tried queueing civics later in the game in the medieval era, and it appeared that some civics could be queued properly). However, for the early civics, this glitch always appears.


Oct 24, 2014
Firaxis Games
Thank you for the report, especially how thorough you are! We've found the problem and are looking at addressing it for a future update.
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