[] AI units clear Barbarian Camp my unit is standing in


Sep 27, 2016
Barbarian Clans mode, seen in several different games.

Usually while farming/camping a barb camp, having a unit fortified and healing inside the camp and waiting to raid and/or clear said camp.

The AI comes up with one or more units, moves on top of my unit, clears the camp and bounces back out.

Surely this can't be intended?

Included save where Brazilian Scout clear the camp my Warrior is standing inside.

Only mod used is a self-made one that lets some tile improvements be built on clearable features, should load without said mod.


  • Camp Stealth Clear.Civ6Save
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May 10, 2021
For the past 100 turns everything was fine the city state warriors never stepped on the same tile that my warriors were on, only walked around and fought any other barbarians that spawned around. But for some reason on this turn after some zombies spawned the AI decided to step on the same tile, destroy the camp and then it looks like they get pushed out by the game because obviously 2 military units can't be on the same tile. I tried moving my units around but no matter how I positioned them the same thing happens as 1 of the AI units step on the camp when my unit is already standing on it. I attached a rar file containing a short clip of the event occurring.

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