[GS] [] [Repro] Barbarian Clans Breaks on Zero City-States

Rusty Keyes

Apr 20, 2021
I'm a really big fan of the Barbarian Clans mode, so much in fact as to fully embrace it as the only way city-states should be generated at all! However, setting the start number to 0 currently seems to go beyond this and flip a switch somewhere for no city-states ever, causing each camp to always say "city-state conversion disabled". Not the expected behavior!

Reproduction is 100% with new games as of (why can I not change the thread title? Moderator Action: Because you're not a Mod, thread title changed --NZ ); I have tested unmodded with the tuner to get fast satellites. If the distinction helps, I've discovered at 0 that the camps are already in the game with the block in place (more still spawn later), and if set at 1 the camps begin spawning my second turn with conversion enabled and everything's normal from there on out.

The short term solution is obviously to play with 1, but the key gameplay I'm going for is to delay worrying at all about diplomacy points, percentage bonuses, or extra improvements; these are a treat for late-game, when domination is less viable and there's less excitement about settling. I do like that earlier conversions become more hotly contested, but not that soon.
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Laurana Kanan

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Apr 10, 2014
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This was discussed quite a bit in the GD forum. I think it's debatable whether this is truly a bug or just a coding quirk. It was mentioned in the February Livestream, in answer to a question, that setting the starting CS to zero would allow all Barb camps to progress towards and evolve into CSs up to the number in the CS pool. However, this was never explicitly published as part of the Patch Notes, and the Devs seemed to have not considered it until the question was actually asked. I guess we'll see if it gets fixed/changed in the coming update.
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