[GS] [] Cities producing buildings, districts or wonders losing 1% production


May 15, 2022
In all my cities that are producing buildings, districts or wonders I'm getting -1% towards my total production in that city. Because it only affects when I'm producing buildings, districts or wonders and not when I'm producing units I'm assuming it is related to Industrial city-states, more specifically because it's a percentage decrease I'm assuming it is due to the Kilwa Kisiwani wonder.
The Kilwa Kisiwani wonder is still working as intended in that it provides 15% production in the city it's in (if I'm suzerain to one Industrial city-state) and and an extra 15% to all cities (if I'm suzerain to more than one Industrial city-state). However, rather than being a 15% and 30% production buff I'm instead getting a 14% and 29% bonus, so the -1% is still added.

Here's 2 screenshots, the first is a city without Kilwa Kiwisani showing the -1% production and the second is the same city but when I'm suzerain to 2 Industrial city-states.



I've only just noticed this issue so I unfortunately don't have a save prior to this bug.
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