Ditchdigging Simulator Achievement not unlocking


Apr 2, 2021
I was working on unlocking the Ditchdigging Simulator Achievement. The achievement requiring a 7 tile long canal with the Panama Canal. This is achieved by adding 2 cities 1 tile from the coast making a canal towards this coast and then connecting those cities with a Panama Canal.

What happened in my game was I had my two Canals ready and I was building the Panama Canal, but then a sandstorm Ravaged one of the other two Canals.

Bug 1: Because I was building Panama Canal, I was not allowed to repair the Canal, because the Panama Canal is considered a Canal under construction.
Bug 2: After finishing the Panama Canal, the achievement didn't unlock, because the other Canal was still broken. After repairing the Canal the achievement didn't unlock, probably because the achievement check only activates when completing the Panama Canal itself and not when finishing any other connected Canals.

I added a save file just before finishing the Panama Canal.


  • MONTEZUMA 530 1145 AD.Civ6Save
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