- Minor bug - Trade Route Panel - religious pressure display bug


Dec 20, 2010
This does not affect game play.
I report this so that players are not confused.

Passive pressure from trade route (0.5) is not seen if the city is not religious. *

[1] Open the file, to check Xian gets 8 Taoism pressure from Beijing.
[2] Send trader to Beijing, to check the pressure goes up to 9. (actually 8.5). But trade route panel does not show this 0.5.
[3] Pass a turn. Now Xian is religious and the trade panel shows 0.5 pressure. Nazca now gets 0.5 pressure from Xian but trade route panel does not show it. ** (only gold). Later, if you convert Nazca by missionary, +0.5 can be seen.

*) This is same for the trade route yield preview panel (when you choose destination of a trader)
**) Religion Lens is not updated for Nazca this turn. Next turn, you can see Nazca gets 10 (=9.5) pressure (8 from Beijing + 1 from Xian + 0.5 from trade route, but it's not seen on trade route panel.

Spoiler :
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