[] Play by Cloud game "resets"


May 20, 2021

The last few months me and some friends discovered Civ6 with play by cloud.
We've started 9 games, but only 2 were... Successful.
In the other games somewhere between turn 3 and 50 (same day, or several days later) the game would basically reset to new a new game with only settler + warrior and a new location. Sometimes things like game speed would also change. Sometimes even the game changed from play by cloud to a local game, but loaded via the play by cloud screen (and logged in to 2k). Chosen Civs remained.
No updates were pushed in the mean time. The 2 games that was successful lasted several months, including meantime game updates.
The friend where this happend with this morning is playing on windows via Steam (and auto-login to 2K). I on windows via Epic (and auto-login to 2K). We can both log into the play by cloud lobby, see our games and start it.
It seems to me that the game save-file sometimes gets corrupted (in the cloud server?)

I tried to see if others have this issue too, but found mainly posts/thread via google from 2019 or 2020 regarding different issues with the pbc function.

Any thoughts?
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