[NFP] [] religion screen won't open on one computer, will on another


Apr 10, 2007
So I play Civ 6 on two computers: an iMac and an MacBook Pro. I have a weird problem where the religion screen (and the history timeline) in my game (same save file) will open on the MacBook Pro but won't when I'm playing the exact same save game file on the iMac.

How I discovered this is I played a number of turns at a cafe on the MacBook Pro. Then I continued playing from that save file (let's call it "saveA") on the iMac later that day. When it came time to evangelize a belief in my religion on the iMac (several turns past where saveA left off), the religion screen wouldn't open.

Very strangely, the religion screen in saveA would still open on the MB Pro. So I can play it on that one computer.

At first I thought it was because for some reason I had an outdated mod (Better Espionage Screen) enabled on the iMac but not the MB Pro. (I play with ~40 mods.) But even if I ensure exactly the same mods are enabled on both machines, saveA only works properly on the MB Pro. So I can go back to saveA, open it and play it normally on the MB Pro. I can take that very same file and it has the broken religion screen problem on the iMac.

Worse, if I play past saveA on the MB Pro for however many turns and then transfer that save file ("saveB") to the iMac, saveB on the iMac exhibits the problem.

At this point I'm thinking the only thing I have left to try is to completely uninstall Civ 6 from the iMac, then reinstall, and hope this fixes whatever is glitching with the iMac instance.

Any ideas or has anyone faced anything like this before? I don't want to be stuck playing my game, which I'm enjoying, only on my laptop.
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