[] Artifacts appear at wrong cities after swap with other players


Jan 10, 2017
When swap artifacts (and probably works of art also) they appear at wrong cities with free slots that leads to archaeologists charges loss and to necessity to produce new archaeologists.
Spoiler :

To reproduce take @Pfeffersack's save file from this thread:
1. Swap Plate Mail (+244 gold) to Mosaic with Gandhi. Check that Mosaic appears at Puel Mapu instead of Montreal.
2. Swap Halberd (+244 gold) to Map with Gandhi. Check that Map appears at Bristol instead of Montreal.
3. Excavate artifacts with 2 existing archaeologists from Puel Mapu and Bristol and check that artifacts don't appear in any city.
4. Check that to fill archaeological museum slots in Montreal you need to produce new archaeologist and to excavate 2 more artifacts.
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