[NFP] [] Giovanni De Medici's GW slot in Gilded Vault not available

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  1. cholsy

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    Dec 20, 2010
    Gilded Vault does not provide 2 GW slots from Great Merchant Giovanni De Medici.

    How to reproduce:
    [1] Open save file.
    [2] Check GW, to see Grand Bazaar in Biruta has 2 GW slots and 1 Writing because it was built by Giovanni.
    [3] Join Owls of Minerva and promote its governor again so that Gilded Vault is available.
    [4] Check GW again, to see both slot and work disappeared.

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  2. Gabriel Oliveira

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    Jul 22, 2018
    As a addition: If Giovani is activated after the Second Promotion from the Owls is earned, the Slots works as intended. I tested activating him in both scenarios with Cleopatra, ver

    It seems that the change in the building from Great Bazaar/Bank to Guilded Vault strips the slots and Great Works in the building affected.

    It hadn't the time to test, since it would be more complex to do it, but i believe that in a non-Secret Society game, if someone captures a Ottoman city with a Giovanni De Medici-enhanced Great Bazaar or if the Ottomans capture a equally enhanced Bank, it would trigger the same bug, as the owner change would cause a building substitution.
  3. Laurana Kanan

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    Apr 10, 2014
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    Should be fixed in the February 2021 update - Version
    • Fixed an issue where extra Great Work slots on a building would disappear when a bank created by a Great Merchant would be replaced by the Gilded Vault during Secret Societies mode gameplay.
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