[] Inexplicable crash


Mar 5, 2010
[] (212129) Metal

This game crashes at the beginning of my next turn, for an autosave is generated, but before I get control. Loading the autosave also causes it to crash.

I tried changing what finishes the next turn -- two builds, one spy gaining sources -- but I could not change a spy returning to the capitol (on foot, after escaping). I also sold a couple of horses. It still crashed.

I'm running on OSX Mojave, but I asked a friend who runs Catalina on a more powerful Mac (and with a different graphics processor) to try this, and it crashes for him as well.

Please let me know when this is fixed, as after 230 turns invested at Diety, I'd like to finish this game.



  • PACHACUTI 231 crash next.Civ6Save
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